March 27-31, 24 / 13 UH players in 137 Prospects to Participate in First Ever Big 12 Pro Day /

All 14 schools playing in the Big 12 for the 2023 season are expected to participate in lieu of holding pro days on their respective campuses.”

The voice of people weighs in.


Yormark is going bonkers with his connections in the TV industry.


Yormark is the MAN. This is a going to be similar to the NFL Combine. OMG!

NFL Network will televise the Big 12 Pro Day with the league promoting the event wide across its platforms. A date has not yet been sent for the event, which is still a year away.


What’s so crazy is, the other conferences will start following what the Big 12 is doing.


This sounds like a really good idea. Good on Yormark.

There’s a three year noncompete clause. So the Big 12 will be the only ones doing this under the NFL umbrella through 2027.


But what if ESPN tries to duplicate it with the SEC and or ACC. Well, Disney is getting pretty particular about what ventures it will pursue and if it’s a money maker so they may not try to duplicate it.

They very well might. Everyone’s a copycat. Regardless, your conference is making moves.

BY has done more for this conference in 4 months than I would have thought imaginable. I’m amazed at all the good ideas he’s had so far.



UH pro day is Thursday March 23


BY is showing why he was brought in. An absolute genius hire.


Awesome innovation. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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This is huge. Imagine the young players looking at this connection and wanting to be part of it doesn’t get any bigger than the NFL. Yormark is the man

For those confused like me, “BY” means Brett Yormark – not Bill Yeoman or Brigham Young.


I could see this idea spreading to other conferences eventually.

I wonder if they considered that each school could have a pro day, together and have a conference specific combine.

I’d imagine that they could eventually get rid of the NFL combine. Instead of two days they could fill weeks of programming

So what I see here is basically every Big 12 athlete with any kind of draft hopes will now get to participate in the NFL Combine. That’s huge!

The SEC and Big 10 will get their own eventually of course, maybe the ACC does too, which means the Combine as we know it becomes a clearinghouse for all the other conferences.

Could be good if it still gets to be on TV and gets attention, would be terrible for the NFL if people ignore it without the big conferences.

Still, this is a home run by the Big 12.

It’ll be the top 3-12 guys from each team. There won’t be 300 guys there.

It’ll be identical to the NFL combine setup, and will be a mix of guys who have been invited to the NFL combine, and others who just missed the cut.

Right, not every player does a pro day. Whole “not everyone goes pro in sports” thing.

Read the release again. Every school is having their pro day at the same time and same place, with the NFL’s backing. How many guys do a school’s pro day but not get invited to the Combine? Now they get something like a Combine. This is getting more guys more measurements and more reps in front of more NFL scouts. More exposure means more potential to get drafted or signed. That’s big.

Majoriity of guys an inch (+) shorter than roster height.

Its going to hurt somewhat. There are teams w firm height minimums per position for drafting.