March Madness - Corona Updates (No Politics)

Trying to start a new thread since this is a pertinent topic. Looks like there will be at least some tourney games with no/limited spectators.


The media is blowing this virus way out of proportion the flu kills more people and goes all over the world also


The last thread got derailed pretty quickly going down this path. Probably better to keep less analysis of the appropriateness of the decision for now.

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We are becoming Italy

I disagree! Texas reports 13 confirmed cases, no deaths, no recoveries! Great resource site:

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Maybe everyone could wear a giant you know what like Leslie Nielsen and Priscilla Presley did in The Naked Gun. You can never be too careful.


the question is will it be cancelled, delayed or broadcast from empty arenas…if that’s the case UH could actually host the south regional as you don’t need any room for fans …just teams and press

the city has shut down all events that require city permit like rodeo
so toyota center is probably covered, not sure if UH needs city permit as a state institution… so roughnecks games ?

Sounds like in OH the state order will allow the games to be played but for the most part spectators will not be permitted.

Hope we are not assigned to the Cleveland 1st and 2nd round site.

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San Francisco just did the same thing for sporting events there (Warriors in particular). It wouldn’t be at all surprising if this is done for all the first round sites.

Italy is becoming China !

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What a JOKE !


And a bunch of decision makers are running around acting like a bunch of headless chickens.


That is false. This corona virus kills at a rate of 20 to thirty times more people


I don’t think they will cancel the AAC Tourney, most other conference tournies or NCAA Tourney. However, I never dreamed they would cancel the rodeo because a “Montgomery County man who tested presumptive positive for coronavirus attended the Houston rodeo BBQ cook-off last month.”

Nor did I think schools would start closing.

I know this is serious, but are we getting a bit of hysteria here?