MARCHus Sasser

How many of y’all thought he would have as big a game as he did tonight? We’re a pretty deep team, but we’re not the same no. 1 threat without him. I was nervous bc of the injury. He balled out as usual as if the injury was a non factor. Solid offensive performance hitting some big time 3s.

Sasser rose to the occasion.

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mark is POG

but I was so happy to see sasser out there smiling. that told me he wasn’t in a great deal of pain.

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I agree Mark is POG. But Sasser just surprised me with his performance after the injury. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as I imagined. The long rest is encouraging


Nice username!

sasser could come to the game in the mascot’s costume and score 20. the great ones rack up points effortlessly


More good news: Marcus expects to be “close to 100%” for game-time!


Best news ever

Even with those floppy paws :paw_prints:?

No doubt he could do it as the Notre Dame Leprechaun.