Marcus Jones 1st team All American

Curious what all you guys who say transfers are killing this program have to say about this? The CBS all american list has two AAC players zaven Collins and Marcus Jones. Hes been a dynamic player on defense and special teams, and still has potential to play 3 more seasons. I think some of the transfers who played this year will take a big step forward, and guys like Tank Jenkins who sat this year should be big for us moving forward. I know its not an ideal strategy long term, but given where we are I think its time we admit we need some transfers to stay afloat till we can develop some guys


Hypolite, Moore, Mwaniki and Stewart all contributed on the defense .


Curious . . . . . How many who are talking down transfers want a transfer QB ? ? ? ? ? Anyone keeping count ? ? ? ? ?


Probably all of them. Speaking of transfer QBs, Here’s SMU’s QB for next year.

Curious . . . . . How many who are talking down transfers are talking down the quantity of transfers, and not specific individual transfers ? ? ? ? ? How many coogfans can’t tell the difference between the issues ? ? ? ? ? Anyone keeping count ? ? ? ? ?

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So speaking of issues, Cogarus, just how many (for example) of either Alabama or Clemson’s players do you think that the UH coaching staff had any real chance to recruit out of HS or as a transfer?

Makes no sense to me that we wouldn’t take a transfer, especially if Zappe was available. We can’t afford to go though another season without upgrading the talent at the QB position.

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Zappe wasn’t ever available. He was always following his OC to Western Kentucky. OC and his top 2 WRs went to the same spot. Job might’ve even been contingent on him being able to deliver zappe


Welcome back. There’s the Oak Ridge RB McCaskill that Dana was trying to get in the early signing period, he was/is a Bama target. I don’t think there’s too many of those kids that end up at G5s.

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I think UH should focus more on stellar performers, like Jones, from smaller schools rather than taking so many P5 washouts. I also think great QBs are available in the transfer market, and UH should be looking hard there. However, Dana appears hitched to the Tune wagon and will likely it to another mediocre season.

I agree with taking stellar performers from smaller schools. I don’t know about the rest.

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