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Here is the voting link for most versatile player in CFB. We can vote as many times as you want and marcus is already down 5,000 votes to the clown from Michigan. Go abuse the link!

Edit: clearly they didn’t realize people would abuse the link😂. They have now changed the rules that you can only vote once every 24 hours. But if you go through the twitter app and vote that way it doesn’t store your data so you can keep refreshing and voting again. Use this link and go through twitter if you want to vote more than once


Lets keep voting!!

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Voted and shared with 14 others. Lets do this.



Jones is way behind. Any students on this board? If we can get this on students’ social media (esp. Instagram and/or Tik Tok) it can take off.


So this isnt about who is the best athlete it is which university can vote the most. Not sure that is a great award to get, especially for the recipient

To be clear this represents 1 of 18 votes. There are 17 people on the committee, and then fans collectively make up the 18th vote. I found this out just now


That makes sense then.

As long as it is a popularity contest, the players from schools with the greatest attendance will win. Let’s face it, if a school has 70K+ at every game, the odds are they will have double or triple the interest of a school with 25 to 30K. I don’t know how much weight is put on the popular vote, but in my opinion, they should not have any.

The fan vote is just the 18th vote and the other 17 come from the board… And you can only vote once per day.

Edit… I actually read the rest of the post and see the twitter abuse method…

Edit 2… Twitter method didn’t work either…

From Monday Night Countdown’s You Got Mossed segment this week.

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