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Looks like good news.


If our success depends on Stevenson, then we’re in a world of hurt. I would have thought that we had the talent to compensate the loss of Marquez.


Obviously, that hurt UH’s chances today but I feel the same that it was at a position that is pretty deep. I am just making a brief stop by Coogfans after the loss so I have not read all of the threads. It was a tough day for the offense – the deep passes just were not connecting today. Next week will be rough – Cincy seems legit.

Singleton was out too


It may be partly a function of QB, but UCF’s WRs looked on a different level than ours

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Ok. I did not realize that. It was a rough day for the O and maybe the two WRs would have made a difference but there was nothing deep today even with Dell. The ESPN+ announcer said that Stevenson was the only deep threat but I find that hard to believe. Sometimes it is not your day and today was not the Coogs day. @ Cincy is going to be rough.

Was Payton Turner out much of the game? I kept looking for him and couldn’t find him. I will say that I have a very hard time reading the red numbers on the black unis.

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Went out in the 1st half. Came back in the 2nd but went out again

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UCF corners were pressing our wrs and we couldnt make them pay


“UCF corners were pressing our wrs and we couldnt make them pay”

UCF was also rotating the corners when the flops were going on.

When UCF found out that three of our receivers were not going to return, they put the fresh players in…

They shut us down on the out side…

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Coming into our game UCF was the 88th ranked defense in the country


Ritzcoog post - “Coming into our game UCF was the 88th ranked defense in the country.”

They also had 4 starters out for our game. Before the game I am thinking we should light them up and put 40+ on them. No ESPN+ here and the first score I saw on TV was UCF 23 Houston 7, early third quarter. I asked myself WTF. I read today we moved the ball but could not sustain drives in their side of the field. Are we just mediocre or is it lack of execution?

I think the execution was poor yesterday. Yes, I’m a Tune and Dana fan. But, Tune was late on throws and inaccurate yesterday. He was much better against BYU and Navy. I hope he bounces back next week.


0 offensive points in the first half is inexcusable especially in what was expected to be a shootout. The defense kept us in the game through the 3rd qtr.

Just disappointing.


There was a very noticeable dropoff when he left the game. Very concerning. I hope he recovers for Saturday.

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He was in and out several times. Not sure of problem, left leg I think. He is a real trooper and when he was in, they had trouble with his speed and toughness as all teams have this year.

What a player.

Their safeties played a deep zone. Long passes rarely work against that. That is why our most effective passing were the crossing drag routes.

Tulsa plays a very similar defense.

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Wonderful :roll_eyes:

They were playing press and we were throwing streaks and outs.
We could have thrown short and medium crosses ALL DAY LONG.
When we did throw them we had success…then we would go back to the run and put us in long yardage situations.

UCF QB averaged 19.9 yards per completion. They ran when they had us so winded we could not hold position.