I just ordered 4 masks that are breathable that block airborne stuff. I really don’t think just the cheap cloth ones do much. I suggest we all get the $9 ones that say they block airborne stuff that have more layers and the 1 or 2 plastic outlets. I bought some from Aeronn today.

That is a very good idea TOP25 and thank you for the information. One special favor, could you please send out the company’s website? I thank you in advance for your help.

buy 4 then get free shipping

Mainly you could try this site or look around but again the cloth ones y see people wearing prob don’t do much. You need one like this and it looks like you can breath better since it has 2 outlets.

Also get silver biotics which is liquid silver which is avail. at alternative vitamin stores. You take it in a spoon and it’s boosts your immune system and helps kill viral and bacteria. I use it each week and I swear it works and the medical center uses it also but the general med community doesn’t endorse it since the pharma companies don’t make money off of it.

It’s called silver biotics in liquid form

My whole family takes it and have been for yrs and I’ve avoided many doctor visits for sinus issues since it’s all immune related. If you feel bad, you take it for a few days then boom, your back to normal and it will help keep you strong to fight off corona or lessen the affects of corona.The medical community won’t openly admit it works since it’s alternative medicine and they make no money from it.

Colloidal silver is used in wound care and burns to prevent infections.

Check out the simulations here of different style masks… (from Live Science journal and from peer review abstracts).

Stitched cotton seems to be the most of effective of the non-medical grade masks.

True on treating burns but you can also take it internally following the right dosage. It’s a healing agent that has a lot of benefits.

I have heard this, and I know people swear by it, but the hard peer reviewed evidence for internal consumption benefitting internal healing and immunity is just not there. But again people swear by it, so game on.

Let’s keep the thread about masks. I don’t want to hijack the OP. Thanks!

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Mask my friend in Houston made me. Has filter pocket too…

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We’ve been using the masks with the filter pockets since this started in March. Since we couldn’t buy N95 masks, we bought the Honeywell Air Purifier HEPA filters. They are rated 99.97%, better than N95. They come in honeycomb design. We unravel them from their honeycomb and then cut them to fit our masks. The filters are designed to last a year in a air purifier. Using that type of filter gives us pretty good peace of mind.

We clean them with Soluguarg disinfectant.

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