Massive gift (32 million) helps College of Medicine

Good opportunity for cardiology training!


This is a pretty misleading title. The 32 million is going to the Texas Heart Institute and is separate from the fact that they are now allowing UH med students to rotate there.

Still, it’s definitely great news. The quicker UH can move on from the HCA hospitals the better.


Misleading? Not really.

I said it was a gift that HELPS the College of Medicine, which it does, by, as I said, giving our Med students some good cardiology training opportunities.

That’s not misleading.

That’s simply a statement of fact.

Why nitpick?

The $32 million gift is for research at THI and has nothing to do with UH medical students getting to rotate there.

UH Med students are certainly benefiting from this.

Again, don’t nitpick.

Everything I said was factually correct.



I’m not sure how I can explain any more clearly than I already have how it’s not factually correct.


It was factually correct.

I never said that the gift was TO our college of medicine. That was you nitpicking.

I said that it HELPS our college of medicine by giving its students opportunities for better cardiology training.

Which is a FACT, regardless of who the gift was to.

Not sure which part of that factual correctness you take issue with.

The 32 million is for research for THI, which is completely separate from medical students rotating there for clinical rotations. The students likely would’ve had the opportunity to rotate there regardless of the donation.

Either way, I agree that at this point it’s turned into nitpicking. The important thing is the med school is diversifying it’s affiliations.

Wait, the Med School got a $32M donation? That’s huge!!

Thanks for reporting UHLaw!!


But it will ensure that what those same students are learning will include the most state of the art advancements in cardiology.

As I said, a plus for UH!

It’s a misleading title. But yeah, it “helps” the college of medicines students get better. Indirectly.

I’m not trying to add fuel to the fire but it’s funny everyone has a problem. I even had a problem at first. Lol

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$35 Billion allocated to help students and faculty continue to be able to travel to UH from anywhere in Texas.


Biden gives $35B to UH!! Wow!!