Massoud Thread

If Massoud doesn’t get any playing time and we end up having a losing season, I think it is a huge wasted opportunity. Do you think we will see him take any snaps this year?

I’m sorry, but Tune is not the answer.


I still think maybe Tune is our best answer though…but yeah its not enough…

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That’s why we hire coaches, to sort these things out. But I would expect him to transfer.

I’m convinced that UH fans just want excitement, win or lose.

A scrambler gives you that.

Personally, I’m willing to ride with the guy the coaches select. Because I think they’re trying to teach a specific game theory and want our kids to learn and adapt to that.

I do empathize with those that favor a scrambling QB though.


Scramblers are definitely exciting! But give me a Keenum over Ward any day! (but let’s have some Ward wild cats too).


Keenum had a devastating quick release and a sweet aim. Especially between 10-20 yards and in traffic. I think he developed that to offset his size. It became his super-weapon.


Keenum to Dallas next year is my prediction…I am still waiting to see a Keenum start this year…but it depends on Mayfield…

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He gets a free year to develop, it would be a waste for him not to see live action.


Massoud was a weird recruit for CDH who clearly favors pocket passers to dual threats. If Massoud gets no run this year, I think he transfers with Maddox Kopp coming in next year.

The transfer portal will be crazy this year. There will be lots of big names displaced to make room for new recruits.


Tune is not the answer.

I support this thread!


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One of Dana’s two 10 win seasons at WVU was with a QB that was better at running the ball than throwing. Skylar Howard.

Ummm, I think Coog fans just want to win. Running QBs can cover up oline and coaching deficiencies. But it all comes down to winning, and Tune is not a winner.

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I’d love to see what he can do. Doesn’t look like this year he’ll have any games he’ll be able to get into—unless it’s the coach’s decision.

Funny, Art Briles had to make a decision as well: Blake Joseph or Case Keenum? We know what happened in that Houston vs Alabama game. If Case Keenum came in sooner, we would have beat Alabama at Alabama!

Some decisions will make or break coaching careers.

I hope all our QBs are given an opportunity to prove what they can do. Now I do know all coaches hate QB controversy, even in the pros. Sometimes the guy you want to bench is infact the better guy.


dont u guys think the coaches have the other qb’s get some reps in practice, im sure they can see what they can do, if he was that good he would be in there if Holgorsen had any sense


I want to see massoud too. I’m still in Tune’s corner though.

Why isn’t massoud getting ANY PT? Especially, if we are building for the future. It’s a free year and he gets four free games.

I’m confused.

we lose a couple more games, season will be basically over then maybe we will see him, but we are still in contention for a title, so i doubt a freshman is going to get thrown in there until we are out of contention.


How is this for a comparison? I’ve watched Kellen Mond play for the aggies pretty regularly. Obviously, on a bigger stage but I kept questioning if he was the big time QB he was touted to be.

Suddenly, after a couple of games this season, he has become that stud QB. Just remarkable the transition. It may be the same thing with Tune. It takes time with young QBs before it all comes together.