The seed 1 matchups are lot more challenging then the seed 2 ones, seems it is better to be 2 seed then 1 seed. Maybe we are destined this year ?

Gonzaga vs oklahoma
Baylor vs Wisconsin
Michigan vs LSU
Illini vs Loyola Chicago

I can easily see some upsets. Probably barring Gonzaga, all three can lose their matchups
Compare that to seed 2 matchups -
Houston vs Rutgers
Iowa vs Oregon
Alabama vs Maryland
Oral Roberts vs Florida

I can easily see all seed 2 sailing through except oral Roberts falling to Florida.

Let’s hope deeky is at 100%


I do think Clemson and UConn were over seeded. LSU probably should’ve been a 7 seed. Maybe Loyola as well.

Iowa Oregon could be a very good game. Don’t count out the Ducks.

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BYU was over seeded as well!


Oregon HC is very capable!

Florida is a 7 seed.

Agreed. Dana Altman is a good tournament coach. He’s made gotten Oregon into the sweet sixteen as 12 seed twice.

Did anyone say they weren’t?

Florida was not #2 seed. FL #7 seed.

Yes but the original #2 seed is bye bye so the team that beat it is now donning the #2 hat which is Oral Roberts and I was saying that they will lose to Florida very likely.

That’s a lot of twist n turns.

That’s part of the whole Tourney. Lot of times u get a break n don’t have to beat a higher seed that u thought you may face. As someone like Jay Bilas puts it, the best way to look at it is 3 different 4 team weekend Tourneys. Ea weekend u have 4 teams in your single elimination mini Tourney win that first one, then go to next weekend–win that on, then go to last weekend and then Win that one and Boom :boom: :boom: !