Maui Jim Maui Invitational Tournament Bracket Revealed

Fairbanks, Alaska

Fairbanks and Hwy290

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The company I work for is currently conducting some business at the refinery there. It’s difficult to travel there, but not impossible. Basically, everyone needs to be vaccinated and fill out some questionnaires.

Those nuts will shut it all down again…you heard it here 1st


Oh yeah, they’re nuts. Better let the Ivermectin crowd take charge.


Maui hospitals are full. Same with Oahu. Maui triage has been in outdoor tent for a while. Island resources are limited. A few days ago Oahu was waiting for a shipment of Bipap machines.

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Yeah. Doesn’t make a ton of sense to send over 200 people, or whatever the number would be, just to play a basketball tournament. Hopefully things are better in November.

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“ Officials at Kaiser Permanente say they’re waiting on a shipment from the mainland that includes 12 BiPAP machines, which are used to provide oxygen to people in need of respiratory care.

The hospital also has dozens more respiratory humidifiers, high-flow oxygen devices and vital sign monitors on order. Officials say the equipment is expected to arrive this weekend.

Meanwhile, a mortuary trailer is now sitting outside the Honolulu Medical Examiner’s office.”


Wait…whats not real?

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Oh wait, another thread gone wrong with politics…had to get in before it is terminated lol…heck play the tourney here in Houston…I would go…

Maybe some truth to that but perception can easily become their reality.

I will be in Hawaii at that time so hoping the Cougars will join me.

My wife is from Kauai. The numbers and concern are real. The news is not fake.


lol iiiiiiiiiiiiinn!!! :rofl:

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At this point some of it is real some of it is not. This issue is it is tough to decide and believe what the media says. Not just with Covid, knowing they have distorted some numbers but everything seems to get sensationalized.
Hopefully the team can go. It would be ashamed to miss such a tremendous trip.

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Why do people make it political. That’s estupid. Instead of coming together and getting rid of this nasty virus or at least control it.


I agree. And it sounds simple. But . . . .

I check County of Kauai briefing daily so I know what you mean.

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The were left in Afghanistan :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


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