McCaskill gone

So as I told you I’m not a “cop”, I am a coach….been one over 20+ years….Football, Baseball, Wrestling and Basketball ….I take I genuine interest in all my guys….why would I more more “interested “ in the “best” than every other guy?


But was he trying to see how much he could get out of UH fans, if it was $200K, would he have stayed? Since it was $50K, he bolted.

If I am making the most plays on the team, dont I require the most attention literally and figuratively?

I mean I don’t think when he started the Go-Fund-me last summer that he was thinking of leaving.


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Marcus Jones needs attention too

Perhaps one might require that if one has no confidence and is insecure and super needy. Doesn’t mean one is entitled to it or that one is going to get the most attention.

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He said he was better than he was two years ago. That came from his mouth. Did he lead the nation in rushing and receiving TD’s or pretty close to it? Atleast for Running backs. Thats Heisman potential right? Do we have any other Heisman potential on the team based on stats?

So Barry Sanders got alot of attention right? Was he greedy and insecure? Tim Duncan. Jerry Rice. John Stockton. Yao Ming. Manny Pacquiao. List goes on.

:rofl: I think I prefer McCaskill leaving for money versus being a diva


I prefer McCaskill leaving to reading some of this revisionist nonsense.


Man, that thread sure went down in a cotton picking minute


100% NO.

A good coach that has a built a culture that focuses on being “one” absolutely does not do that.

I have had several kids in every sport I have coached go on to play in college and some even had professional careers….I guarantee you they were not treated differently than others….I gave extra attention to many kids that needed it, but it was done as a mentor, as someone that cared about them to get through problems they had going on….never because they were “the best”.


Naturally regardless of coaching model the best usually get attention. That is part of the territory. So you tell me, since sports was invented when have it not been an incentive to being the best? Can you treat Kobe like everybody or Lebron James? Can you treat them like regulars on the team? Can you keep Terrell Owens out of the Hall of Fame (no drug or gambling reasons)? Can you treat a dog like a cat? No

You are talking about professional sports with known divas….I would make a terrible professional coach because I don’t roll that way.

I am not comparing myself to CKS in anyway but I bet he would agree with me.


Which is why Deon coming in letting everybody know “my son is QB1” is either going to end gloriously or terribly

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No, you do not


Lucky for Deion, his son seems to be a pretty good qb so far. We tried to bring him here when he was coming outta HS.

Wonder what type of furniture he likens his kid to?


These comments are getting hilariously absurd.

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