McDANIEL: Thankful NFL (finally) sees what we see with Keenum

Awesome article from Amy:

I just spent most of three days with six members of my family, including nephew Case Keenum, the starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. (It feels incredibly amazing to type “starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings” next to his name.)

We were in Minnesota – at the brand-new US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis – watching Case win his sixth straight game for the now NFC North-leading Vikes.


That was a great article by matamy. I miss her input on the boards since Case has moved on.


Great story! All he does to break records.

All I can say is that “it sure as heck took them LONG ENOUGH!”

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Go Case, go Hayden, but I want the Vikings to win the game today.

She is great, miss her too but she came around after Case left. Negativity pushed her away.

Great article, thank you very much for posting Patrick.

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