McDonald and Farrow - Chargers Practice

Both players get mentioned in the SD Tribune’s practice notes today:

7) Rookie safety Adrian McDonald intercepted two passes and broke up another one.

8) McDonald’s former Houston Cougars teammate Kenneth Farrow has shown fluid change of direction.


Hey thanks for bringing your digs over here! You find good legit stuff. :ok_hand:

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They keep that up and they will make a team somewhere.

This is why it’s so important to contribute on special teams in college. I think Farrow makes the roster and Adrian starts the season on practice squad, eventually getting called up during the season.

They ought to know how to train. Hope they make it.

I think both make the roster.

It’s gratifying to see all of our team captains from last year - Roberts, Farrow, McDonald, and Cooper - all get opportunities to make NFL teams. What a great group of leaders who helped build the foundation and culture for our program. Our 2016 team captains will have some mighty big shoes to fill.

I really hope we get to watch everyone one of them, along with Jackson and Ayers, play on Sundays.

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Yeah, I think having a half dozen players from UH make it to an NFL roster in one draft year would be a first.

Imagine that, McDonald intercepting passes. Never heard of that before. :imp:

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San Diego Bolt Report on Farrow and McDonald. They talked to Yancy McKnight about the two and mentioned how they could fit in on the roster. (One issue, the author starts mixing up McKnight and McDonald about halfway through):

I like Farrows chances to get some serious run. Injury issues / size issues in SD RB group.

Bo Oliver aka Little Darren Sproles made it as an undrafted 2 season ago & got major run.

If McDonald crushes on special teams, at the very least, he will be on a practice squad somewhere.

Thank you for sharing. I hope their hard work and positive attitude pay off like Keenum.


in 1990 we had Andre Ware, Ed Thomas, Lamar Lathon, Alton Montgomery, Joey Banes, Craig Veasey, and Alfred Oglesby play in the NFL for the first time. Easily one of the saltiest graduating senior classes in U of H history.

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I need to get more historical-- In 1971 we had Earl Thomas, L. D. Rowden, Carlos Bell, Charlie Hall, Charlie Ford, and Elmo Wright make rosters. I might even like this group more than the 1990 group.

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And one of my favorite years was 1968 (only 5 players)-- Rich Stotter, Gus Holloman, Warren McVea, Ken Hebert, and Greg Brezina.

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Chargers rookie angles for ball, job
Undrafted safety Adrian McDonald, a former prep quarterback in Oklahoma, compiled a school-record 17 interceptions with the University of Houston

Surprised he went undrafted, the Chargers signed McDonald in late April. The Baltimore Ravens also conveyed interest before he chose San Diego.

The rookie, who described Chargers strong safety Jahleel Addae as a mentor, made several good plays in spring camp.

“He’s always around the football,” said free safety Dwight Lowery, the projected starter. “He’s always running to the football. Disguises very well on defense. Taking advantage of opportunities.”