McKenzie Milton

“Humbled and honored…no individual success comes without team success! S/o @deriqking who is just as if not more deserving of this honor :100: promise we’ll both be back better than ever!”

How can anyone not like this kid?


Classy. Respect


Go Knights!


These guys will both be seniors and get to battle it out


Pure class, really hope he makes a full recovery.


It will take a miracle for Milton to play next year.


Milton’s fantastic. Been following him since last year and you have to respect him as he was an overlooked kid coming out of high school and has worked hard to make it. Wish him all the luck.

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He is my Heisman trophy winner. What he has done is truly outstanding. The cartel can try to diminish UCF success all they want. UCF & McKenzie are the true winners of these past two seasons.
I wholeheartedly wish McKenzie a full recovery. It is going to be a major uphill battle. We heard reports of nerve damage. I am pulling for him. The entire AAC should to.


Report from family was that he avoided permanent nerve damage because of the first surgery the day of the injury. Surgery was the repair damaged blood flow. Next surgery is to repair the knee. If the nerves weren’t badly damaged, reports say 3 to 4 weeks so the knee surgery is more critical. If it’s repairing the knee, someone that works real hard can be running and working out hard in 8 months. If it’s replacing the knee, he most likely sits out a year.

This sounds like the Bridgewater injury. If it is similar to that he has a tough row to hoe.

Heart goes out to this guy.


Yeah, I feel terrible for Milton. He seems like a first rate guy and he’s been a great, great player for UCF. I hope he can come back and play, eventually.


He’s looking at a long recovery. 2020 season looks likely if he can come back. Sorta of like a Tommy John Surgery to get back to a %100 percent.

He’s a stand-up guy for sure. Class act.

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No more wasting time on WebMD, Coogfans has more medical experts on it than any other site!


Pulling for the young man, class act all the way

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That’s why I put lots of “ifs” in my conjecture. Not sure how anyone can know the extent of the nerve damage or knee damage based on reports released so far.

Class dude