McRib is back!

Nope. But do they fill a need? Yes.

All of us here can afford to go get a curated/organic/range free/psychedelic pork sandwich. But it ain’t a McRib.

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That settles it. My tomorrow is planned.

I’m gonna see how many McRibs I can eat in a single 24-hr COPS marathon.

They’re horrible. You should try them once just to see how depraved some of our fellow human beings are.

I’ve got a friend who keeps stacks of them. Easter used to be his favorite time of year, just for the Peeps. Kinda like the “McRIB IS BACK” for sickos. I love him, one of my favorite people. Love the man, hate the Peeps.

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Fake Food!

I’ll pass

Kind of like Jack in the Box tacos.


If I want a rib sandwich, I’ll go to Gatlins

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Sorry to report that I totally misread the initial reports that McRIB IS BACK.

McRib will be back in another month or so.

The guy at McDonald’s laughed at me when I ordered it yesterday. It’s bad for your self esteem when the guy working the McDonald’s drive thru laughs at you. :crying_cat_face:


Get you going this morning? You mean to the toilet!

Why all this McRib hate? In my opinion it’s one of the things that Made America Great! That greatness only came into question when they took the McRib away.


Everytime I get down on myself and think maybe I’m not better than my fellow Coogfans posters, I read a thread like this and cheer up