McRib is back!

In these polarizing times, it’s nice to have something to bring us all together and remind us that we’re more alike than we are different.

Thanks to McDonald’s, America can rejoice again – THE McRIB IS BACK!!!

Little known fact: the Andy Williams classic, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” was originally written about the return of the McRib.


Lying here reading Coogfans, trying to decide if I even want to get out of couch this morning.

This news is just the thing to get me going today.



Uh, no.

Never had one. Not on my bucket list

Two for $5

Save it for the last thing on your bucket list as it might be your last.

Cardiac infarction on a bun

No longer taste the same, like twinkies. Way to ruin a good thing.

I had to try and it is underwhelming.
My favorite McRib story comes from a McDonald’s employee who accidentally poured McRib powder into the shake machine instead of chocolate powder. The customers were all asking why the shake was so much better

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No bueno

Can we ever heal the divides in our country? We can’t even come together on something as simple as a delicious mechanically separated rib-shaped pork product sandwich…Sad.

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No. Jews and Muslims object to it strenuously. McRib is not a unifying food product

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I’ve never tried one before.


There was a 20-year period of my life that I never ate anything at McDonald’s besides the McRib. I didn’t eat their hamburgers, so I’d have a few McRibs a year whenever “McRIB IS BACK”. Kinda like Christmas for me. During some lean years it was better than Christmas. :joy:

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You’ve got a point there. Jews and Muslims will never know the joy of the McRib (except in secret, hidden moments that they can never share with their families :wink::grimacing:).

Plus, can anyone really prove that the McRib is pork?

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Meat pressed into a shape that is supposed to look like bones….looks icky.

And sticky.

Some people inexplicably like those hard marshmallow chickens or candy corn, so I get the McRib thing.

McRibs are great and disgusting at the same time. Love 'em.



Never tried them.

Candy :corn: and candy :jack_o_lantern:

Tried, didn’t like

Like reality TV… but would you call McRib quality?