Meanwhile Down at The Ammo Dump

Yes, I think we should figure out the supply chain for our military.

You know there are times I believe our leaders in Washington are not that bright.

The article is from 2018.

Old news.

Nothing has changed

Maybe China can loan us some. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Maybe we should start manufacturing things here again. Or if we want to exploit workers and get cheap manufacturing, lets do it in Mexico. This China thing hasn’t worked out very well.


Central america. It will help stem the flow of immigrants to the US.

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Exactly!! its time to call a pox on both China’s and Russia’s house and start manufacturing things here.

Russia is evil and China is Enron….enough, we are better than those jerks.

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How could this have happened under making
America great again. I thought it was totally rebuilt
under the previous administration.

Not according to the bathrooms at Cougar Field tonight after $2 Frito Pies.