Med School Now Accredited!

I realize that this isn’t football, but this news is too good NOT to put on the board with the most traffic.

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Outstanding!! Quite a feather in the cap for Dr. Khator and the University as a whole. This should also help as we strive for the goal of AAU membership as well.

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If we get AAU membership, what benefits does it bring?

Our first class will spend 2 years in our BIO MED II bldg and 2 years in the new state of the art medical facility.
Next fall is going to be great with medical s hook startup, 2 new off (on) campus housing project ts opening and or medical, law and hotel renovation projects all under way.

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It makes us much more desirable for Power 5 conference’s, for one. B1G might take a serious look if we are AAU.


Here’s their mission statement:
Founded in 1900, the Association of American Universities is composed of America’s leading research universities. AAU’s 65 research universities transform lives through education, research, and innovation.

Our member universities earn the majority of competitively awarded federal funding for research that improves public health, seeks to address national challenges, and contributes significantly to our economic strength, while educating and training tomorrow’s visionary leaders and innovators.

AAU member universities collectively help shape policy for higher education, science, and innovation; promote best practices in undergraduate and graduate education, and strengthen the contributions of leading research universities to American society.

If we want to be considered a high level research university, this is where we want to be.

From a conference affiliation standpoint consider this: all B1G schools were AAU members when admitted. Most PAC-12 schools are AAU. It helps the academic profile of a conference to have AAU schools. University presidents look favorably at it (remember, it’s university presidents that approve conference membership, not athletic directors.)

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But does membership provide funding to each school? What benefit is it other than just saying that they are AAU?

AAU means that the academic arguments against UH would have absolutely no credibility. 2 decades ago that was a common slight from aggies and horns.

And as somebody pointed out earlier, I too have read that AAU is one criteria for the Big 10 to even consider UH if they ever decide to expand. Most, (or all?) of the Big 10 universities are AAU.



As someone else pointed out, all B1G universities were AAU members at the time of invite, and all but one are current AAU members (Nebraska was kicked out of the AAU after joining the B1G; the AAU stopped considering USDA research funding in their metrics, and told Nebraska that they could no longer count the State’s independent, off-campus, stand alone medical school’s research dollars in their metrics either; without that money, Nebraska no longer met the membership criteria).

Had Nebraska not been a member of the AAU at the time, they most likely would not have received a B1G invite.

Only two NCAA conferences in the country consist entirely of AAU members:

Division I: Ivy League
Division III: University Athletic Association

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Striving to get in the AAU is a great goal but a long shot simply because it’s an elitist country club where the current members have to vote you in by a majority.

Every school is trying to get in the AAU and a lot of them already have great resumes. We will have to do a lot of butt kissing to the likes of UT, Rice and A&M.

Is it worth it to sale your soul to the devil to get AAU status?

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What PUF money gets you.

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We now have a medical school which is huge so we’re good. I see us later doing something in the medical center. If they feel threatened by our medical school then it’s all good bc it means the medical school at UH is huge.

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That A&M one for cows and chickens and horses and such?

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A friend of mine who’s director of nursing at a very large county hospital told me that UT and Baylor Med schools are livid over UH getting theirs. He smirked and then said that his hospital is going in partnership with UH medical school.