Meet the USAF Newest Bird -Operational July 2024

A new gulf coast defender will help defend our gulf coast alongside the Texas Air National Guard and their F16s,. The Louisiana Navy joint reserve, and Elgin AFB, Florida are slated to receive the new F15EX.

Some of yal might be lucky enough to see this bird stationed at a base near you. Meet America’s newest bird, the F15Ex or “eagle ii”, outcompeting the F22 for the USAF’s defense interceptor. Pretty freaking awesome as it is been rumored to fly mach 2.9.

Fully touch screen and to feature avionics from the f18 super-hornet, while featuring a new digital fly by wire system"

I lived nearly my whole life near Ellington field, naturally the F16 was always my favorite bird. But this thing kicks ass. If you zoom in on that pic, you’ll see that the entire panel is one giant touch screen, like the F35.


Yeah I recall hearing the F22 was getting phased out

I had a hard time believing that, apparently they can’t get the parts for it. According the report, the F15EX is more expensive, but has a super long lifespan.

This explains why we have a 40 year old plane back in service. Hint, the new gen 5 planes are so complicated that they are way behind in production. We needed planes and the F15 is still in production for our allies.

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@22:00 excellent point about radar signature, I loved this interview.

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Check these beauties out :slight_smile:
Flew a pattern in the F16 ILS, you can’t intercept 7XSO any better than that. Landed 140-150 kts, pitched towards 10 degrees AoA and speed braked that beauty down like the pros!

And she’s in operation, St Louis, MO. 12 heatseeking A-Rams, 4 being covered by the wings.

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