Meltdown in College Station

The internet is great. Our ‘neighbors’ are really mad. They’ve got a $90MM problem on their hands.

They are starting to get toxic.

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But If only our fans were equally obsessed with the aggies and horns as they were for the coogs then we might have a full stadium. Make fun of them as much as you want regardless of their opponent they both fill their stadiums to see their team.


Poor Aggies. How could they have given that amount of money to a mediocre coach that we beat in the Peach Bowl. Unreal


Irrelevant to this conversation


Is it tho? I bet if I go to their fan forums there aren’t MULTIPLE posts about UH. I logged on all this week and there were multiple threads about A&M. They were the most popular threads.


Their fans are trash. So enjoyable to watch them suck it.


So lets sell our souls to college football. We’ll get more fans.



Who cares? There is plenty of hate from them just more likely to see it when we are relevant

So you have the choice to not open the threads but as long as the Aggies or whorns are in meltdown mode we are going to laugh


Yeah, packed to the brim at both stadiums playing Tulsa, Temple, Tulane, SoFla, SMU, UCF, ECar year after year. And that’s AFTER having to play CUSA year after year. There’s nothing that Whorns faithful enjoy more than playing Marshall, SouMiss and UAB year after year after year.


Jimbo had won a national championship at Florida State. Not mediocre. We beat a really good team that day.

That’s a myopic view. Note “year after year”.

PS I lived in Austin for 15 years.

Be real. The horn fans will show up for those teams in Austin. Cause they show up for the horns. Coogs fans show up for thr opponents. Facts.


Whatever sir. Seems like you need a victory today. Congrats.

Oh by the way. Concerned about UH attendance? Do something about it as opposed to posting.

Save yourself the trouble. I dedicated years to doing just that as a volunteer with excellent results. Just one person.

So step away from the computer and do something.

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Thank you for your work. We need it.

Do something. There are 8 million people in SE Texas to draw from. Use a managed, focused quantitative strategy for putting people in the seats.

Take a person. Put them in a seat.

Shampoo. Rinse. Repeat.

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I know a lot of Aggies and none of them are trash .


The Aggies I’ve known through the years are top notch people.

The problem for Jimbo was the following:

  1. Lost the DC. Hired one a step down
  2. Lost the Oline coach. Hired one that is turrible
  3. Should have started the freshman QB from the start.
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His offense has not adjusted to LBs and Safeties who can cover
& his play calling can’t get it done consistently vs the 4-2-5 that are common now.

Big issue again yesterday was getting whipped vs the run.

Yup. Gave up 300+ yards

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