Memphis and Covid?

Anybody heard any more since the News yesterday? Saw that tonight’s Memphis / Cin game postponed and it was “likely” Sunday’s game would not be played either?

Only that there’s still a chance

Dang it

I was really looking forward to beating ECU by 35 to make sure everyone knows that earlier loss was a complete fluke.


weirdly enough we now have another open date with gonzaga lol


Oh man, that matchup would be so amazing. I hope we do it this time since there’s no chance of it being sandwiched between 2 road games and the next conference game is home vs Cincy.

Will the Memphis game be rescheduled? If we only play them once will it be there? Was looking forward to playing the Pirates

If only 1 of the Memphis games is played, it will be here, per the American Conference covid guidelines someone had posted earlier.

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we have no free dates, except for march 3rd…cincy, memphis and ecu are all full that day…unlikely any of these games are made up…

not unless they start strategically cancelling games for ncaa chances (like cancelling their tulane games to make room for us etc.) …which im sure memphis would do in a second (they desperately need a houston win), but unsure if the conference would play along…those 3 games are done

Next game not until next Sunday. Not really a fan of a 10 day layoff.


So will we play at Memphis?

according to the rule… it becomes a houston home game…but its not offical yet

4 of the last 5 “scheduled” games should home games… then the conference tourney in dallas
but like i noted earlier we now have 3 open dates to potentially schedule something…2 this week, and 1 on march 3rd

none of the dates we ahve open match any of the 3 teams we need to reschedule


from memphis folks…they are trying to schedule a makeup game on march 5th.

that would mean they play 3 games in 5days for them, literaly days before the aac tournament that is 3 games back to back to back…i get why theyd do it, most bracketologists say they probably need atleast 1 houston win to make the tournament…so they are desperate for as many houston games as possible

we arent desperate for “2” memphis games, will be curiious if sampson wants to do a back to back with memphis before the aac tournament …we have almost a week off prior to the 5th, so that might make us more willing

if its approved, it would mean we could play memphis 3 times in 1 week

We’ll make it easy on them…both games @ the FC …less travel for them !

NEVER bend over backwards for Memphis !!


UCF played Memphis back to back in Memphis a couple of weeks ago on a Monday - Wednesday. So it could be done.

Oh, I thought it was Florida that had it. Cool lets play Florida.