Memphis at Witchita STAte tonight

We start to get a feel for who is what in the AAC. ESPN2 tonight at 6:00PM
Memphis finishes conference play at home against Witchita State on March 5 at 8:00 ESPN and then at Houston Sunday March 08 at 11:00AM on CBS.

Looks like the conference scheduled the UH games versus our top contenders all on the weekend for TV purposes:
We play at Witchita State SAT Jan 18 at 3;00 ESPN2 and in the Fertitta Center SUN Feb 9 at 2:00PM ESPN.
We play at Cincy SAT Feb 5 at 5:00PM ESPN2 and in the Fertitta Center SUN Mar 1 at noon ESPN.
We plat at Memphis SAT Feb 22 at 1:00PM ESPN and in the Fertitta Center SUN Mar 8 at 11:00 CBS

So we play at all three first on the road on SATURDAYS and then get all three at home on SUNDAYS.



sorry to pick a nit - but I think the at Cincy game is February 1 (not 5). But I take your point, looking at the schedule once we get to February 1 - each weekend until regular season end is a game against Memphis, WSU and SMU

im rooting for wichita tonight so our game next week will be supper touted…we dont play memphis for like 2 months, theyll have time to bounce back


Same. I think Wichita takes it. They deserve more credit and well have a better idea of who they are and what each of their weaknesses are.

Vegas thinks wichy st too; -5.5 favorites two hours before tip.


What you don’t like Wichy State? I thought it was catchy.

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I don’t think Sunday is our favorite day.

No, I don’t like W I T C H I T A

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Witchita off to a good start

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Both of these teams are very good.

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Going to take some good games to beat em but they should be fun.

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Memphis really showing youth in this game.

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Difference in coaching is huge as well


the funny part is Wichita is just as young

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Wichita State playing with great energy, and it shows in their offensive rebounding in that sequence.

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Next Saturday will be a war on the boards for sure

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This was a case of great coaching and teamwork against an offense that looked unplanned…


Memphis only had two players in double-figures. Wichita had three and three more within a bucket. You can say WSU’s 3’s won the game but I think this box score screams Marshall eating Penny’s lunch. Well-coached teams have multiple players ready to contribute. MSU had the talent advantage but WSU had the coaching advantage.


This will not be an easy year.

PS - Shockers fans are wicked good at pulling their weight.