Memphis game on TV

Please let the powers that be make it that we do not play in any bowl game. I fear if we do go to a bowl it will turn out like the Army game a few years ago. We have had a month to get our team healthy and ready to play and this performance is sad for me to watch. More stupid penalty that keeps drives alive. Interceptions, no blocking for the backs, and the same old crud we call Cougar football.

UH shouldn’t play in a bowl game this year - if it is to be televised.

Play so far indicates they need a lot more game experience . . . . . . play and and every game they can. Experience does not all come thru practice.


On the sunny side of things if we lose 70-20 we get to bring out a shiny new head coach in January.

I wish we had an option for down votes on some of the posts as well as the hearts.


Mike, a Ha Ha option would be appreciated, too . . . . .


I’ll be watching on 12/24. Good comeback today after that crazy scoop and score. Fell short and disappointing but not at all like Applewhite days.


Silly idea. Bowls are good for exposure, extra practice and good for the players who get some nice gifts. Don’t forget that most of these kids do not come from prosperous backgrounds.

And I like watching my team play win or lose