Memphis game takeaways

#1.Yeah, I don’t think we’re scheduling Memphis again. Adios little brother!

#2.Relying on 3 freshmen in your key rotation, could bite this team. That’s why Ramons decision, sucks kinda. This team was 1 injury away from being in the same situation as last season. 4 guards. Thats all we had today. Not pointing hate at Ramon. But we have 13 scholarships and 3 of those are redshirting players.

#3.Jwan Roberts fought hard. Probably best Coog of the game

#4.I thought the zone defense was key last game. Would’ve used it again to start todays game. Especially with no bench. Instead we want man, and Kendric Davis is incredibly hard to guard

#5.Sitting Sasser I think was smart. Memphis plays up tempo. Could’ve re injured his groin. Hopefully this loss lights a fire with this team especially the freshmen who at times have deer in the headlights


Sasser out was the key to this loss

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Yes, of course

Should we have made room at the inn for Kendrick if he wanted to come here comes to mind?

Rest of guys feed off Sasser. We need him or will win 1 and lose 2nd game.

That’s probably dramatic. Remember, minus Sasser AND Mark we made E8 last year.

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Here’s a takeaway, last game in the AAC. Moving on who cares, still a 1 seed



Congrats to Memphis. Your prize is your new Texas rival is UTSA and their 2,500 seat gym!


Exactly what I’ve been saying.


And Rice!


And Charlotte!


I think we’re all nervous about Sasser moving forward, but I think him getting warm and getting dressed looked really good. Had the game been close late we might have seen him. Personally, I think we’ll be just fine.

Then again…I’ve been called optimistic before

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I did feel uneasy knowing that 1 or 2 injuries would likely put this Team in a similar situation as last year’s team when Ramon was granted the Medical Redshirt.

Doesn’t help that 2 of our remaining 4 eligible Guards are Freshmen.

Also makes this kinda perplexing on why CKS didn’t end up using TxTech transfer, Mylik Wilson. You have Natty aspirations, I’d do whatever I’d have to to add depth and guys that can get buckets.

This team can go on really long dry spells with no scoring.

Lastly, the decision to add Darius Bowser as “only a Practice Body”, seems shortsighted to me. Why not get someone that can play and actually contribute to avoid having your starters fouling out in important games, and in case they get injured?

BUT that’s why he’s a Coach, and I’m a fan…I don’t know what I don’t know.


No Francis. Why?

We needed offense. Marcus plays, Ja’Vier plays.

As to taking Davis, absolutely no

Memphis is already copying the UTSA tradition of wearing their area code, saw it on Penny’s shirt.

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I agree Francis should have played

We had an experienced team that year though.


To OP…Relying on 3 freshmen is not what they do with a full lineup. No one frosh outside of Jarace Walker (who would play significant minutes on every team in America) plays any amount of significant minutes on the team. Sharp is a contributor off the bench, but I wouldn’t say he’s relied upon to carry any significant weight. All the same, I don’t know how that has anything to do with Ramon Walker not being there. He wouldn’t have seen much of the floor anyway, and certainly not ahead of the aforementioned three.

Memphis took it to us, plain and simple. They smelled blood with Sasser being out and took advantage. Game was essentially conceded, so, no need to put much stock into it. Time to reset and get ready for next week.


Not to mention this years team had much less time to try and adjust without sasser