Memphis might be in trouble?

An update on the Memphis men’s basketball program’s pending infractions case will be provided Monday, Independent Accountability Resolution Process spokesperson Amy Hanna confirmed to The Commercial Appeal.

Updated timelines for each of the six cases currently being reviewed by the IARP will be published on the group’s website, Hanna said Tuesday.

The Tigers’ case, which centers on former preseason All-American James Wiseman, was the first to be accepted by the IARP’s Infractions Referral Committee in March 2020.


Haha… Suck it Memphis!

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Memphis not following the rules…
…say it ain’t so :sunglasses:


They’ve officially made the Final Four once, the other two were vacated because of rules violations.


Penny’s Moving and Storage will pack away the evidence.


The shadow of Larry Brown will be cast upon you even before your first communique with him.

Considering the issues that seemingly never affected Arizona, LSU and Kansas for their flagrant abuse of the system, how can anyone expect anything to come of this at all?

Oh, but let’s blow out of proportion when someone has made phone calls.


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Coaches on literal FBI wire taps heard talking about how much they were paying players, but people seem to care more that Kelvin called people too frequently. The type of things that make your head spin.


No wonder they always seem to get all the top recruits that they ever wanted year after year. I’ve always suspected something shady going on with that program. They definitely don’t play by the rules. Now let’s see if the NCAA still has any kind of spine left.

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Now, that’s funny.


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