Memphis Post game presser


He mentions that we punted on 4th and 1 because of the previous two plays. Not quite telling the truth as we ran a fake, but the snap went through the up man’s hands.

Watching the replay, Doubenmeier was supposed to grab the snap and run off right tackle behind the other up-man. However, the ball goes through his hands and Roy is able to divert from rolling left, catch it, and punt it.

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Even if the up man got the ball the play was going to be blown up. Memphis was expecting it and busted through the line.


I agree. Odd time for a fake.

Edit to add: I could live with a punt or going for it in this situation. A fake may be worse than both choices.


His 4th down explanation is such horseshit. Its 4th and 1 and your defense hasn’t stopped Memphis at all in the second half and you are trying to tell us “thats what you do…”? No thought spreading the defense to get that 1 yd?. You are going to punt it away and go all in with your defense? Put memphis into the driver seat to control the clock and either run it down to secure at least a field goal to tie or score a TD and leave your team with no time on the clock? That is your “thats what you do…”?
And that fake attempt in the gif above is even more ludicrous. Memphis had that play sniffed out and the up back was going to get blown up if he did catch the ball. The other upback totally whiffs on his block and the LBs stepped right up to the line.
Just man up and say you F’ed it up.


The hot air market crashed today.
Major Applefright producing so much of it there is a massive surplus

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I do want to commend Dane Roy on that play though. Dude was able to change on the fly and absolutely boomed that ball. That was a 58 yard punt in the air.


CMA is not the right coach for UH and at some point you have to start pointing fingers at the guys who hired him.
Tillman and Renu . He is soft almost wishing for the team to play better and coaches to listen him. Pitiful.
Tillman better get some hard nosed experienced coordinators in here to beat this team into shape.
Can’t pick up 1 yard in two tries and instead try a cheap trickery that doesn’t work. Unbelievable

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I have watched that clip probably a hundred times, it would have worked. If he gets it and just hits the hole, he makes it through before the D-lineman finishes that spin move where he got free. The guy who went wide looks like he is unblocked only because the blocker is expecting him to crash down to tackle the ball handler, unless he blows right through the blocker, he wont make the tackle. Still never seen a fake punt in a situation like that 4th and 1. A better snap and half of us would be calling Applewhite a genius for running it.

I just don’t see it. The far side up back misses the block push the defender wide to open up a lane for the ball carrying up back to run through when he bounces out because of the rush in the middle. I still believe Memphis wins that play. Applewhite should have just lined up with 5 wide and given himself 6 options. 5 routes and a possible QB rush if needed. But it’s all said and done now, all we can do is cheer on the cops and hope to finish the season 9-3.

His comment of “Did you see the previous two plays?” is pure BS. What he was really saying was that the coaching staff (including him) isn’t smart enough to come up with a play that would gain one yard. His comment finished me with Applewhite.


Threw the team under the bus

what did Duke mean about a missed block?

i am still not convinced that we are a super young team. any proof?

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I think we have 7 seniors starting on offense and another 7 on defense. We’re actually a rather veteran team

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When Applewhite said “did you see the last two plays.” I wish the reporter would have asked him “did you not see the Memphis offensive series in the second half.”

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Let’s put all the blame on RK and TF! How stupid. Who do you think is responsible for making the most progress for our athletics and football programs in particular, than the two of them. Absurd!

Let’s just return to the most fickle and apathetic fanbase we’ve had for so many decades. Let Coogfans run the program.

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I’m assuming there is no hesitation by the ball handler, which is very possible since he is not used to having the ball, he would be right on that main blockers heels to get through. I wish we could get under center at some point so the possibility of the QB sneak. I’ve seen intramural flag football teams at UH line up a QB under center before, but guess its just too hard to add in for our team.