Memphis RB Kenny Gainwell Opts Out

Kenny Gainwell… finished his redshirt freshman season with 2,069 scrimmage yards and 16 touchdowns.”

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I can understand not wanting to risk exposure. If he stays home and does not go to any college parties and such, that could bode well for his health.

I am curious as to the draft advice he got about opting out. I wonder if his draft position is considered top 2 rounds since he plays for Memphis and not some place like Ohio St or Wisconsin. I would think that a second year of college play would help to show he wasn’t a one hit wonder. Unless he didn’t feel he could maintain the starting job over the other backs on the roster.

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He is opting out because of Covid, his family has lost 4 members to the virus. He hasn’t made a decision about the NFL yet.


Well the article said something different.

Instead of playing his sophomore season in the Bluff City, Gainwell will be preparing for the 2021 NFL Draft.


Yes, I read that same article on MSN Sports


That is quite an impact on one family. I wish them all the best.

I hope it does not impact his draft and he does well in the combines, but I would probably make a similar decision in his shoes.


Rather selfishly, slightly dissapointed. Although Memphis is an opponent, as a fan of the game I enjoy seeing Memphis RBs go beast mode.

Henderson , Gibson, Pollard, Gainwell, Memphis just keeps reloading.

Wish Kenny best of luck in his future endeavors.