Memphis recap

Very frustrating. Im not gonna say fatigue, cause you can plan for fatigue. Maybe go zone right from the tip to save your legs.

But the keys were obviously turnovers, fouls, playing with composure. And for that a big failing grade.

*How does Shead get 3 fouls in the 1st half, where we have to put Robbie Armbrester out there? Just not smart. But he’ll learn. I knew they were gonna ball pressure him all game. So its a tough responsibility

Kyler Edwards isnt Quentin Grimes. Thats for damn sure. If we’re gonna do anything in the tournament, we need Kyler to shoot well. And we’re running out of time in the season for him to snap out of the funk

For a team that really plays 7 guys, you cant commit dumb fouls. Carlton gets 2, Taze gets 2, Shead gets 3. Yes it was a tight whistle, but i expect that at Memphis. The refs will do you no favors


Memphis doesn’t suck.

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Who said they did

That was a title of a thread on here for a long time.

No, they’re legit. They lost to a really bad Georgia team early.

And then Emoni Bates left the team, which could be a blessing in disguise

Ugly basketball on an even uglier court.


Their on-ball pressure has been great and we haven’t responded well. Lots of desperate and sloppy passes. And once we get in foul, trouble we’re done. Bottom line Memphis’ length is a bad matchup for us and they get fired up to play us clearly. Let’s move on and get better.

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Damn. Was Emoni so cancerous? Bad news for him if hes gonna tranfer somewhere. NO outside shooting, they are jamming the middle. We need to nail our jump shots or someones gotta shoot from the outside… and make them!

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The talent difference between us & Memphis is huge. Seriously, do we have anybody that could start for them? I’ve seen no team this year as good as what Memphis is showing today.


I hate to say this but Memphis is figuring things out. They could be a dangerous team in the Tournament!


Totally. I don’t want to play them again.

But it’s Memphis, and they could lose in the first round to Winthrop

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Memphis looks like Gonzaga and Arizona in terms of turnovers and domination.

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I’m so over Josh Carlton. He fumbles the ball every time he gets it. It’s so frustrating. He’s got awful hands. The only time he handles the ball cleanly is if no one is around him.

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No thats Reggie :laughing:. I get its his injured hand. But how about dont give him the ball in a crowded space

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No, watch Carlton. It’s a circus when he handles the ball in traffic.

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He’s had a great year for the Coogs!


Memphis has loads of talent and we don’t matchup with them. They are killing us inside.

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10:30 left in first half, pass inside to Carlton and they steal it easily. Saw it coming. Then he commits foul on other end. He’s a liability.

This is a reactionary take. That is not what our coaches and commentators think of him.


I mean, how do you not see it? Focus on watching him play. When he gets the ball, he’ll fumble it. It’s not just today, it’s every game