Memphis TV ratings predictions?

Everyone will want to see Ed following all the “drama”

Hoping for high viewership. Wish the country could see Deriq King again like they did for the USF game

UT-Kansas is on FS1 at the same time while Nebraska-Iowa is on FOX.

We should carry Houston easily and hopefully score near Nebraska-Iowa.

Memphis/UH are playing for the West division championship plus all that controversy from last week brewing and the idiot tigers dissing the UH players … especially Oliver … THAT will be the game to watch for America

Nebraska/Iowa are playing for dilly squat … ZZZZZzzzz-city!!! … the huskers can’t even make the toilet bowl … Iowa is already bowl eligible and will be just ending the season probably with their reserves and whoever else wants to play to end the season

UT/Kansas will be interesting … EVERYONE and the kitchen sink expects the horns to massacre the jayhawks … however the horns have walked into a trap like this before and with an overrated Orlando running the defense the jayhawks will be looking to make a bowl eligible win and the horn expecting an easy win …


I hope we slaughter Memphis. They have done next to nothing significant for this conference in football while UH has a NY6 bowl win, multiple victories over top 25 non-conference opponents, and a very strong win-loss record against “P5” opponents.

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