Memphis v Temple.. Who ya got?

Would like to see Memphis win to get another ranked team in the AAC. Temple looks pretty decent too.

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Want Memphis to win since they are on our schedule… but first half hasn’t looked good for them.

Memphis is in trouble. Wouldn’t count out Temple as our opponent in the conference championship. They get USF at Temple this year on a short week.

Well you can tell Fuente is gone …

Memphis has played 3 chumpy teams and won big …

Played a decent SEC team and lost big time …

They are playing one of the favorites of the AAC eastern division and they are getting their patooties handed back to them

Plus Ferguson looks rattled … no time to throw and under pressure a lot or is just not getting any protection from those fat overrated tiger OLs.

Temple’s HC Ruhle is almost as hyper and overly hysterical as TCU’s Patterson … both look to die at an early age if they don’t calm DOWN!!!

Yep. Memphis is figuring out they don’t get to play Bowling Green every week.

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I thought Memphis looked better against Ole Miss last week. Temple D has been decent. I would not be surprised to see Temple in the Conf Championship. USF vs. Temple could be very interesting with the USF offense vs. the Temple D.

Big run there by Dorceus to tie it. Memphis looking better this half.

Dorceus just broke a hell of a run for Memphis. Tie game!

Pick 6!!!

Finding it hard to root for Memphis but yep we need them to win.

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Mayhue #89 for Memphis is a really good player.

Memo his O-line is swiss cheese. Ferguson will be harassed all night long against us.

Just got home. How did Memphis get ahead by two td’s (Temple just scored, I know). Who looks better?

Both look horrible. Hard to watch all the drops, missed field goals, dropped picks, and missed assignments.

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Neither team is very good at tackling. Memphis has some speed that can be dangerous, but as long as we play our game, we should contain them.

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Memphis going to pull this out. Good for the Coogs.