Men's soccer question

The Big 12, sadly does not sponsor Men’s soccer. At WVU we joined the Sun Belt conference for Men’s soccer and its a surprisingly good soccer league. My question is does Houston have a conference home for Men’s soccer? What conference is that? And if it isnt the Sun Belt, maybe it should be.

Yes, it’s called the Intramurals Conference.


If you field a men’s team, you need a corresponding number of women’s scholarships


You mean Houston doesnt have varsity Mens soccer? That surprises me because i was under the impression that Houston is a hotbed for Soccer.


It is….but like Coach said, you would have to find another women’s sport to sponsor ( already have women’s soccer).


Title IX sucks…at the very least revenue sports like football should have an exemption.


Is that the game where you kick a ball around.

Good game for Women, Children, and male-identifying individuals from other countries.

In Houston we play American Football, perhaps Rugby.




I used to have that attitude towards “soccer” back in my younger days….
Over the years I not only came to respect the game but really enjoy it ( when it’s played at the highest level).


I just think that Ice Hockey is exactly like Soccer with the added fun of ice, sticks, speed and the potential of losing a full mouth of teeth.


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lolwut? Houston is half minority, football has comp, otherwise we’d be filling up TDECU…UH is leaving a lot of $$$ on the table by ignoring the worlds most populous sport in America’s most diverse city, there’s a lot of soccer players in this town due to the variety of people living here…Europeans, Asians, Africans, Latin Americans, oh yeah, need to win tho lol, see the Dynamo


While we are on the topic, our women’s soccer team is off to a pretty good start.

Undefeated with one road tie against future B1G Washington.

But again, if we add sports, they should be women’s gymnastics and WRESTLING (a sport the Big 12 actually sponsors), not men’s soccer.


I can get fully behind this.

Our volleyball team is nothing to sneeze at either.

It’s good to see us doing well in volleyball and soccer. Hoping our baseball, softball, and ladies basketball can raise up as well.

We have a good theatre department, maybe a soccer team could pull some thespians from there. Just call it a “crossover episode” and they will bring their acting skills

I play both. I’ve had more chances losing teeth playing soccer…


Don’t get me wrong, I know a lot more teeth are missing in hockey! lol…just personal experiences.

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The WVU Womens volleyball team isnt very good, but weve won about 5 Big 12 championships in womens soccer recently and played in the National championship game against USC a few years ago.

SMU is the only P4 school in Texas that fields a soccer team.

Woman’s soccer is the female sport for men’s Football

Hahaha. Foolishness. You playing soccer would be funny to watch. Bad foot eye coordination, and I’d bet you could get bodied in that ‘soft’ sport

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