Merritt transferring

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It looks like he didn’t like how he ended up on the depth chart after spring practice. It’s a big step up from juco. Well good luck on your next stop young man.

young man just wants to transfer to a school where he might get more of a chance to play…Nothing wrong with that…Good luck to him.




Ouch! Guessing the one-on-one post-spring practice meeting did not go well.

Did he play a down?

I see that this is one way to spin it. But why did we recruit a kid that was not mentally or physically tough enough and waste a scholarship? Maybe the JUCO and transfer market is not our best answer. And our evaluations might need changing.

Seeing that bama kid flame out, then the Mizzou kid leave, our own kid out of fort bend suspended for allegedly choking his girlfriend, and then having a kid to become the mcneese player of the year in whatever conference they play in d2.

Maybe just reading too much into it. But this kid had been here as an early enrolled and he leaves 4 months later.

I think it is fair to ask the question “who the hell are you bringing in here and how much due diligence are you doing?”.


This is going on all over the country. The current culture is a loser’s mentality. So many of these kids want to be spoon fed and don’t want to work for anything. Forget having loyalty and actually loving the school they are attending. So many think they are going to make the big dollars and blame others for their own short comings. Funny to think they need to go somewhere else to play go get more PT so they can make the NFL. The divide between athlete and academia is growing wider.


God I love Coach Early, I’m so scared he’s going to leave us for a P5 school. He’s done a great job here. And his unit has been the best part of UH last couple years. It will probably be our best until again this year. I love coaches mentally. The “idk if we should bring in______, because it might push out___” is one of the most common themes on the basketball board that drives me crazy. If we want to be GREAT. We must have competition and we must compete with each other, everyone needs to earn their spot. Guys like Justin Gorham, or Payton Tuner for football side, are what builds our culture, they started from the bottom and worked to the top and did not complain about competition or players being ahead of them. If you don’t want to compete and earn your spot every year. Don’t come to UH


“If you want to be the best, you must beat the best”

                                             Akeem The Dream

“To BE the Man…You’ve Got to BEAT the Man.”

Nature Boy Ric Flair


With nothing to go on but highlight reels and no in person recruiting, this past year was an aberration. Maybe things will settle down a bit this fall; but even so, with the portal things will always be different from the old ways.


Don’t confuse the haters with facts.


Coach Early doesn’t sugarcoat anything. He’ll tell you straight up if you aren’t here to work, there is the door. You compete every single practice. You can be team one on Monday and end up on team two by Wednesday. You can be the projected starter and find out game day it’s not you. He makes you earn that spot for sure and they like it.


I don’t think this particular transfer is as big a deal as some of the other transfers that have happened.

Sampson has the same type of philosophy that’s why we are so great I’m basketball. We need go do everything we can to make sure he sticks around, he’s a big art of the defensive turnaround the last couple years

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I believe this is the same young man that tweeted a message to Coach Holgerson that they needed to talk . That in itself reflects the individual’s maturity.

Let’s face it , it’s all over talk radio “ roster management” is in full swing.
I’ve been a manager of a sales team and I was taught to always be trying to upgrade my weakest member. I’m not disturbed by the other transfers either ( Singleton did surprise me but he ended up staying ).

He had just signed a few months ago

Man…some people just want to jump on the coaches for everything. How many times have you seen people in the “real world” do great in an interview, have good references, etc. and end up not being a good employee? It happens even with the best due diligence.