Metastasizing Supply Chain?

I have no idea what Diesel Exhaust Fluid is but sounds important.

I’m sure Secretary Buttigieg is solving the problem.

Synopsis- Blackrock investments made $118 million investment in EVs. Blackrock owns shares in
a railroad company. Blackrock is forcing a reduction in rail shipments by DEF supplier. This is to
help EV industry and their investment in it.
Conspiracy ! ! !

I don’t even know where to start on this one :crazy_face:.

Lets see…$118 million investment is not huge for Blackrock.

Number of shares they own of RR would not give them power to set shipping limits on certain
users of the RR transportation service, And if they own so many shares, why would they be enforcing limits on revenue the RR could make…

If you are going to pollute your mind with this kind of stuff, it’s hard to take anything you post

I know there’s some conspiracy krapp in this but the Flying J CEO appearing in Congress talking about reduction in DEF caught my attention. I have no idea what DEF is. A 30% reduction in supply seems significant.

I would like to read the transcript of his testimony.

DEF is the stuff they use to pass emissions for diesels. Adblue is the brand name. Passenger cars had a tank that you had to fill with Adblue. Before diesel-gate you could buy Adblue at Sam’s Club or Costco. That’s how common it was. But now no one buys a diesel passenger car in the US. I guess they use it for the trucks too.