Meyers asked CTH for advice on the buckeye's game with OU

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It appears JT Barrett is also communicating weekly with CTH …

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Smart and pretty common when coaches leave on good terms. What impresses me so much about CTH is how he prepares and put the appropriate game plan for the opposition. All coaches do it but how many have the same success? The FSU and OU games were not even close. That is more than impressive.

Not in our interest to cooperate

We want Ohio State to lose and Herman should know this bullshit and it’s bullshit if he’s given Ohio State any information

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Agree, but if Herman is asked he would appropriately give them info. It’s BS that Meyer would ask knowing that it’s against our best interest to help them.


And for all those who believe that nonsense …

CTH hasn’t been reluctant to help anyone seeking his help … he wasn’t reluctant helping Saban when Lou asked him how the buckeyes were able to overcome the vaulted Bama defense.

Meyers is an ole friend who gave him the chance to coach at a BIG TIME B1G university …

As of yet Stoops hasn’t come forward and ask for Herman’s help that we know of … probably too proud and still has the red “patootie” from getting his tuchy waxed and mounted.

I am looking for a good game and the most prepared team winning … if the sooners cannot stop JT then they might as well sent their sooner wagon back to the barn … then there is always the buckeye defense … but its NORMAN and that rabid crowd and the band playing boomer sooners worse than Rocky Top … the odds so far are close and yes the sooners need a miracle.

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I’m cheering for Oklahoma & Louisville this Saturday for obvious reasons.

I obviously want UL and OU to win, but I’m really interested in seeing how “for real” those two teams are. We won’t get solid credit for beating OU until they beat another really good team. And I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but the Big 12 is probably not going to be very good this year. In that regard, I’m really interested to see how OU does against Ohio State. I’m not at all convinced about UL yet. They destroyed an FCS school and Syracuse, but also struggled against Syracuse’s up tempo offense. I’m not believing any hype about Lamar Jackson unless he’s able to show something against FSU this weekend.

I’m willing to bet that if approached in the correct manner, CTH would answer Stoops questions on OSU without giving up proprietary information.

As well he should. It’s in the cougars interest to share with Oklahoma all that he knows about Ohio State University.

For anyone to say in that Tom Herman should give information Ohio State University doesn’t understand that he has a duty to everyone at U of H not to give information to anyone competing against us for a national championship.

But Tom Herman knows this… I would think that would be obvious to everyone

They’re both at home though. At the very least, both games should be close.

100% agree. Remember folks, CTH is exceptional because of the way he prepares, put an action plan AND THE WAY HE CONVEYS HIS MESSAGE. He is an amazing communicator. That you can’t teach, steal or replicate.

I dunno. Old friends, they should talk. As I see it the big 12 sux anyways but we got ours and just haveto keep plugging along and let the chips fall where they may. Some of this stuff is beyond our control anyways.

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