MHP Gone

Houston Cougars Lose Top 2023 Recruit Mikal Harrison-Pilot to Transfer Portal

WRs must not like our scheme…?

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Its disappointing to lose a legacy.

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Its the reason why i was excited for him but honestly i have no idea what kind of receiver he is.

He transferred to become a walkon?.. Not a good look on his end.

Is he walking on at Tech?

Surely not. He must be getting some NIL.

Apparently everyone at Tech gets paid. But position change and walk on status seems like a long fall for a prized recruit.

Definitely not a long fall for him. On the portal board, I explained what went down. We are visiting Tech tomorrow and will go from there. He just wants to play football where he’s wanted.


I have no clue what happened behind closed doors with Pilot, and I am sure there are two stories to be told, but I really had hoped it would have worked out to keep the Coog bloodline flowing.
But it’s all about business now and the new world of college sports. Tough decisions for everyone

How was Tech?



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Visit went very well and he decided to commit. Thanks for asking.


Hate how it turned out but wish yall the best. Keep coming around and posting

Cougar faithful will forever be family. Hate the way it played out but things happen for a reason. Can’t wait for the season!