MHver3 talking P5 shake up again

Recently saying AZ and AZSt moving to B12. Now saying Notre Dame going to ACC w with 14th that could possibly be the Coogs.

Take it for what it is worth

Who is he and what’s it worth?

who is this guy lol

ACC would be epic for football and basketball. Best possible scenario IMHO.


Someone who gets insider information that is, as with all rumors, sometimes right sometimes wrong. I find the rumors interesting even recognizing that’s all they are.

It’d be hard to beat out UCONN in this scenario. Yes their football program is terrible but so was Rutgers. UCONN has a deep basketball history with several ACC schools. However, good chance of the PAC going to 14 if this happens and us getting in there. I guess similar to us in the B12 Miami and FSU would keep the directional Floridas out. They’d get some heat for not adding UCF.

Need to root for ND and Clemson to make the playoff. It will upset the other P5s.

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Lots of ACC fans wretch at the suggestion of adding UConn. They would not be hard at all to beat out. Most ACC fans wish we would have added WVU.

This mhver guy says nothing about what would happen to the Pac12 in this situation and is basically insinuating they would become irrelevant. Yeah right you can’t ignore a whole coast. They’d still be P5.

He’s good at getting people riled up. I forgot I followed him on Twitter until I saw this.

He thinks the p12 is going to be absorbed by B12 and B1G. Not sure if he actually thinks the. B1G is going to pick up ten more teams…he didn’t really specify

No one should ever get upset or take these kind of posts too seriously. I actually enjoy them…they’re fun and give us a somewhat cloudy view of what others around the country are thinking.


I’d be surprised if UA and ASU leave for the Big12. The academic benefits of being in the PAC12 far outweigh football. ASU has gone from a mostly mediocre academic party school to a very good academic school since their inclusion. The Big12 offers none of that and no research sharing like the PAC12.

In the end, the presidents make the decisions and they aren’t going to make decisions like this because they can get a few million more for football.

Will the Big12 go after the AZ schools, sure, they’d be stupid not to, but I doubt it happens.

Also doubt Notre Dame goes fully into the ACC. They’re in the playoffs right now if they keep winning. Why change?

ACC adding 1 or 2 might happen. Would allow them to get back to some more traditional rivalries while adding more content for their network. Think we’d need 1 more bridge school between us (Tulane???) to have a chance; maybe have a Metro-ish Division where we’re in with Syracuse, Pitt, Louisville, Miami, Boston College, etc. May also try to expand if FSU and Clemson depart as has been rumored at times.


I don’t think MHver3 has any inside information whatsoever. The Fluguar guy didn’t seem to either, but at least would hunt down reputable reported information and extrapolate with a plausible narrative/guess that he would say was information that he got from his “source”. MHver3 doesn’t even do that. He just throws random stuff against the wall.

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I think next realignment will be 64=4 Conf x 16 teams. Each conference breaks into 4 Div x 4 teams. So, you play 3 div games + 2 games for each other divisions=9 conference games. If rivalries aren’t in same div, conference can fix that game and alternate one other team. You can play 3 nonconference games. Total 12 games. Top 4 or 4 div winners are in playoffs. Each Conference has its own playoffs. 2 Conf Semi 1 Conf Finals. 4 Conference Champions are in National Playoffs. 2 Semi and 1 Final. So, 2 teams will play max 16 games. If you want to reduce the total games, can take nonconference down to 2. Teams didn’t make playoffs can play for bowl games.

MHver is a clown azz.

He doesn’t know anything.


We need to improve our value somehow. Based on our attendance even our fans don’t want to watch our team. Sad :frowning_face:

Fans have zero say in this process.

A significant portion is the fan base not thinking the administration values them. From getting rid of the close in tailgating, addressed this year with a relatively small tailgate pad in front of the IPF, to not even having free water at the games for the first couple of years. That doesn’t help and will hopefully change.

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Notre Dame is the one school in the country that can still do the “Independent” football thing well and with sufficient TV money, and if they had to play a full ACC football schedule, then they would likely have to abandon many of their traditional rivalries.

Given that, I do NOT see ND going to the ACC for football.

It’d be great if we got an invite to any P5 conference, and the ACC would be nice.

But it’d be a shock to me if we got that invite.

I also don’t see the AZ schools leaving for the Big 12.

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I wish there is a way to breakdown the actual numbers of home team fans, away teams fans and casual fans. There is no way that Kansas, Duke, Wake Forest, UConn football has more fans than us, but they play teams with more fans.