Miami LB Darrion Owens

So is signing with us? If so, he has two years left. A former 3*.

1 year…grad transfer

I read on his twitter accouint that he said he had two. Regardless, I heard he was signing with us today.

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Idk. His bio says played all 4 years…only 2 games 2015 before season ending injury.So got medical red shirt. Good get

he only has 1 year …and where did you find the info on him signing? i cant find anythinng

I read it here on the Tune signing that he was signing with us Tuesday. That thread is where i saw his twitter account posting of two years left.

we dont have any scholarships to give. if we get him he isn’t signing today, he will have to sign in the summer to count towards next years class… (unless it was known by rob that he was going to sign when he said we have no scholarships left)

What if someone on the team leaves early?

I don’t think grad transfers sign. He will just enroll after graduating from Miami.




Woo hoo!!! We needed some immediate help at LB. Great pick up. For those of you who know, how does this affect our scholarship limits? Does it affect at all since he’s a graduate transfer?


Great get!

UH article says it finishes the 2018 class. Anybody else coming in is either a walk-on or a transfer that will count towards next year.

Nice pick-up. They needed an experienced LB.

So, I guess the class already includes Tune, even though he can’t sign until February? And I guess that means we aren’t getting Lawrence Keys either. Oh well.

Could Grey Shirt him.

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