Michigan and the Coogs

I am so pissed that we could have been in the championship game right now. Our Coogs showed me this season we were a really good team and could be good enough to win it all. I know it takes some luck to be in the championship game as Michigan is now and it could have been us. Maybe next year we will be the team to beat?


No 5pt play…Houston would have won easy. I can’t stand Michigan…Here’s hoping for a Villanova blowout!


A Michigan win would truly gives us a “what if” pause, but I believe Villanova will win.

Lucky buggers. Their arses were toast. Freakin Chuck Norris… (<———Dodgeball reference). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would love for us to start a series with both SDSU or Michigan! Hope are administion try’s reaching out to both schools.

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We tried Michigan a couple of years ago, but they just wanted us to play up there…so no-go.


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man i was in san antonio yesterday for the rockets spurs game and saw so many michigan fans. it hurts we arent still playing and they are in the title game.


Glad Villanova won. Out @ UMichigan.


I knew Villanova would beat them. Michigan was playing on barrow time.

Damn northern slope time lol


Ran into a Michigan alum today that went to the game last night and he was bummed. Told him the Coogs would have happily taken away that pain for him. He said we wouldn’t have fared any better but I told him I would take a blowout loss in the Finals any day.

I was surprised he expected a different outcome - UM’s road to the Finals had 14, 6, 7, 9 and 11 seeds. That has to be one of the easiest in tourney history. Villanova cruised to the Championship winning every game by at least 12 points or at least that is what I think I heard [maybe it was avg margin of victory]

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Kelvin Sampson is going to get us to the Sweet 16 or better next season.

It’s only going to get better after that.