Michigan being tested by switching defense

Chi Loyola plays a lot like us without a Rob Gray guy. But Michigan doesn’t like the in your face defense. Hoping Michigan loses as they should have lost to us except for the 5 point play they got on a really bad foul call.


I don’t even know why I’m watching this game. Like coach said…it aint easy being a Coog. Smh

I am watching and hope that Michigan loses. They acted like they were so good but we were the better team. If these refs had done that game we would have won it. Next year we are going to be really good.


i came into this game wanting to root for michigan, so we can say we should have beaten the national champions…as soon as i started watching i flipped sides to loyola

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Wagner still has a big arse mouth.

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Loyola wheels coming off!!!

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To think we had them!!!

why would you want Loyola to win lol

Michigan winning the tournament while it may be hard to accept, it only makes our case for losing a lot better


It depresses me all over again about losing that game because we had them on the ropes and a damn fluke ass lucky shot bailed them out.


If Michigan wins the title game by two points or more, then can we not legitimately claim to be the nation’s second best team?

Just asking!

It usually happens when a team wins it all that there is one game they win where they had no business winning and just got lucky. Michigan’s game with us may be that game, but it still hurts.

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Villanova will beat them.

I still don’t like JOK.

You guys think we will finish ranked in the final poll? I would sure hope so!

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