Mike Leach to Florida State?!


Doesn’t look legit to me.

Guys, never post anything from this website. It’s all lies.

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lol Faaaaaaaaake

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I posted the following on TOS yesterday. Since its my post, I think I can repost here.

What “home run hires” are out there that would want to go to FSU. Any very successful P5 HC that would be a home run is probably working at a school like LSU, Geogia, Penn State, etc and FSU would be a big step down. Urban Meyer would look at a school like USC who is rumored to be wanting said former national champion coach.

Maybe the Pirate would be interested and he would be considered a great hire by some, but obviously not the big time schools or he wouldn’t be at Wazzou.

So, I haven’t a clue what wining P5 coach would want FSU unless they just want to move to Florida (but Tallahassee doesn’t have the glamour of say Miami or Orlando). Now, maybe a very successful G5 HC may jump at the opportunity. Who knows?

It’s going to be Bob Stoops

If FSU has a chance to get Bob Stoops, there are a couple dozen other coaches even better than Mike Leach that aren’t going to Tallahassee!

They’re going to make Urban Meyer an offer he can’t refuse.

No they aren’t. They may him an offer, but he will refuse. If Meyer comes out of retirement, I think it will be at USC or ND.

There are coaches who can’t stand retirement and miss the game and it challenges. Bob Stoops may be the guy to come out of retirement and would be a highly credible coach sure to soothe the frazzled nerves of the fans, and more importantly, the megadonors. I am sure he would be given time to turn the program around because he would not try some gimmicktry quick fix, but rather build a solid team. I could see him landing a solid recruiting class, even at this late date. He has the credentials to show the kids and their parents already are aware of him.

Quite a few places that both Stoops and Meyer could land. #9 is laughable, however.


Wow. Just read the blog and the comments on Fertitta are flat out disrespectful! Odd site!

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He is already out of retirement technically. Not quite the same being back in college versus a pro league with a short season though. Depends if he wants that full year grind again.

“Don’t believe everything you hear”

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I just don’t see it.

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Well Bob was Florida’s DC before OU.

Stoops rumor killed by Herbstreit on ESPN.

Herbstreet Twitter:
Just talked with Bob Stoops. Any reports that he’s a candidate for the FSU job are not accurate. Said “he’s not a candidate”. @ CollegeGameDay @ espn

8:46 AM - 5 Nov 2019

That does it – Stoops it is! When things like this come out it is just the opposite of the AD’s vote of confidence in an embattled coach. :wink:


I read somewhere that one of the reasons Jimbo left FSU was because they wouldn’t spend money to upgrade their outdated facilities. If that’s true, no big name coach is going to go there without a lot of promises of new facilities.

Those FSU boosters should have gotten together sooner to put those tens of $Ms toward facilities instead of multiple buyouts for Willie “No More Getting on the Bus” Taggart.

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Look for guys making strides at P5 Schools that aren’t top destinations within their conferences like Matt Ruhle or the ISU coach as examples. FSU hired a coordinator in Jimbo and a rookie P5 coach with a very good G5 record. They haven’t fished in Stoops Bay or Meyer Lake. Don’t look for that to change