Mike Macintyre or Phil Bennett

Just fired at UC-Boulder
2016 Coach of the year
Former San Jose State Head Coach
Former college DC
Former pro defensive coach

Former Arizona DC
Former Baylor DC -with Briles
Former Pitt DC
Former SchMUoooo HC
Lives up the road in College Station
Knows how to deal with a defense that scores fast

Looking across the landscape, former head coaches have had considerable success as DCs.

What say you?

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I think our HC job is not open. If it were, why hire a guy who was just fired? Why was he fired if he was so good?

DC targets for anyone looking for a new DC.

Gotta believe we’re actively shopping for a new DC

Stay away from Macintyre. The coach of the year accolade is miss leading. Minus the 2016 season he has been winning 5 games a year. The real strength of 2016 was his DC who left for Oregan.

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i dont want to become baylor U, So phil is a no for me

Mike Macintyre wouldnt be a bad hire, but he hasnt run a defense is like a decade, but id look into it…but gut feeling is lower level fbs team gives him a Job similar to dykes

What about bob diaco for dc? Position coach at ou and former UConn head coach. Was a successful dc before becoming the UConn head man.

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Well, at least they were not employed at the YMCA :sunglasses:

BTB, I din’t care for either. Find a young assistant DC from a winning P5 program and make him the DC.

Alexogar…now we’re starting to think alike. 2012 Broyles Award Winner.
May have to search a little to find the right one, but the concept of a former HC is what I’m asking you to consider.

diaco was fired from nebraska last season at DC

He was part of an overall staff firing which isn’t as much of a red flag to me as it would be if he were the only one fired off a staff.


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Bennett and make him Asst Head Coach, dump the Apple and promote Briles. He can lean on Bennett’s experience.

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Briles head coach Bennett DC

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Never been impressed with Bennet as a HC or DC! Hope we can make a better choice.


This young DC runs aggressive D like Orlando


we dont need a retread like Bennett…App st or Troy DC much better…


he has 1 year dc experience, and app st played no one, and let a medicore penn state the only team with talent on their schedule put up 45

What’s wrong with Bennett? He had some fine defneses at Baylor.

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