Miss. State targeting Jamey Chadwell (Liberty HC)

How many coaches has that place eaten alive? Hell it ate Mullen, Leach, and Jackie Sherrill. There have to be four more. Its like the SEC version of Minnesota.


Ha ha!! This Hawkeye is in total agreement with that Golden Goober dig. Well played.

Leach was doing just fine until his death.

Give me Liberty or give me 362 other schools to root for.
And if you give me Liberty, you can also give me death.

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Dana gets a pass, next year after 3-9 or 4-8 we’ll bring Kingsbury in for a over inflated salary after nobody else was pursuing him for a HC. It’s the UH way. Just a prediction but a realistic one.

I really want Jamey here, but for some reason, I thought his buyout was massive when I saw he had a 7 year deal. We need to fire the dud and get some kind of head start before all the good ones are gone



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Sarcasm noted. Touche!

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