Missouri vs Memphis tonight @ 8:00 on SEC net

Looking forward to watching that one.


Nice. That will be a good one

#17 San Diego St at BYU on ESPN+ as well (8pm CST)


Monmouth 73
West Virginia 65

Oh boy. I think West Virginia could stink


Oh my goodness Memphis players look like Violet Beauregarde after she turned into a blueberry.


Duke / Arizona was a fabulous game. . . . .

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Harvard 89
Rice 76

Line on the game was Rice -8.5

I hate to say it but the Big 12 could be overrated this year. UCF, West Virginia, and potentially Oklahoma State may be pretty bad.

And I will say I think Kansas is weaker than previous years. Their depth is concerning.

I like Baylor and I am growing on our team. I try to be unbiased with us. I think Iowa State, TCU, Kansas State will be good and Oklahoma will also be dogfights. But Kansas State may also be weaker this year and are receiving hype from last year’s team. I don’t think Kaluma replaces what Johnson brought.

But even though I think Kansas is weaker I still think they’re top of the league. I just think the Big 12 could be a tad overrated this year because of all its success


Nicholls State 68
LSU 66

Just caught the last 30 seconds of the game, but Nicholls State blew a 20 pt halftime lead, and came back to win on a last second 3 pointer!


@Footballer13 its very early. But add BYU as a team that could very bad. I don’t like their guard play

I trust Jerome Tang to figure it out. I think right now its these teams as tournament teams:

5.Texas Tech
7.K State
8.Iowa St

Cincinnati possibly, I’ll have to watch them. Losing Bandaogo & Reynolds was huge. Both not eligible


Texas struggling to put away Delaware State, 57-50 midway through the second half.

BYU trying to knock off #17 SDSU. 59-55 BYU with four minutes left.

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I guess I’ll root for BYU as fellow conference mates. I guess it takes time to build a bond. I enjoyed having that connection with the other American schools

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Yeah I agree with that. I think Cincinnati struggles with lack of frontcourt depth and am over reliance on Lahkin. I think they’ll be a team that wi play we look and play bad depending on the day.

I’ll pull for them OOC but I won’t like it. Not a BYU fan.

Memphis is impressive!!! I believe this is probably their best team under Hardaway.

@Footballer13 Cam Carter for K State, a player to watch


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@NeilC Memphis out scoring Mizzou 36-13 in the 2nd half. Crazy.

Good win for Memphis

Why did Mizzou want Caleb Grill? Capt bad attitude got kicked off Iowa St last yr

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Big XII Scores:

Detroit 61
Cincinnati: 93

Monmouth 73
WVU: 65

UCF 72
#18 Miami (FL) 88

Miss Valley St. 43
Oklahoma 82

Manhattan 61
#1 Kansas 99

Bellermine 75
Kansas St. 83

Deleware St. 59
#18 Texas 86

#17 SDSU 65
BYU 74


Impressive win by BYU.


How is that a measuring stick when none of those teams are expected to do much?

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