MLB draft day 2: Wong & Scheiner picked early. Update: Julks goes in 8th to Astros, King goes in 10th

Connor Wong was drafted #100 overall by the Dodgers, and Jake Scheiner went 113th to the Phillies. Going to be sledding uphill if we’re going to convince either of those guys to come back.

That hasn’t stopped Mrs Whitting from trying, though…

Glad for both guys. Was worried about Scheiner, but glad to see production matters.

Love Mrs. Whitting though; fully invested.

And Scheiner wasn’t even in BA’s top 500. How could this happen!?! Haha.

The only way I would advise them to come back is if their signing bonuses are skimpy; otherwise I could never advise a kid to leave guaranteed money on the table. They can always go back to college…

Nice, 4 Coogs go in the Top 10 rounds.

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And a 5th. Good for John.

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Other American Players drafted:

Cumbie and Coldiron got drafted in the 1000’s, surely they are coming back?

I would expect both of them back next year…Cumbie can greatly improve his draft status as well as Coldiron…if Coldiron had played the entire season he would probably be gone…

Former UH pitcher, Marshall Kasowski, went in the 13th round to the Dodgers.

I was pretty sure about Cumbie until the news about Anderson dropped. It’ll depend on how much the Astros are willing to send his way, but more than likely, he’ll be back. Kid will probably be the Friday starter next year and would probably go in the top 3 rounds and there’s no way he gets that from the Astros now.

Coldiron, not so sure on. He’s an older guy as he’s already redshirted and he was out this year due to academic issues. He might just move on and start his pro career.

I agree.

My guess. Cumbie is back and Coldiron is gone.

Julks signs with the Astros:

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Talking about Cumbie