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As a Cardinals fan, another deadline day to forget. Smh

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The thing with Siri is he is already 27yrs old so its time for him to put up or he will be out of baseball. The Astros were his 2nd team he was a minor league free agent when they signed him last year.

Padres definitely spending big and making a big push to win NOW. But man the Dodgers are so good that I don’t know if SD can possibly catch them. All it takes is a Wild Card and the right pitching setup though and they could be in the WS even if LA finishes 15 games ahead of them in the regular season. Still, I wouldn’t bet against the Dodgers…

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Since the trade, Siri has 24 ABs, yielding 3 hits, 2 walks, and 15 strikeouts.

This kid isn’t going to last in the league much longer if he doesn’t figure something out.


I think he has a billion dollar airport for a body and a $10 control tower for a head.


Would love to swap Maton for Paredes and see if his control is pitchable now.

I hate the extra inning rule……having said that…. You have to send out a guy in the 10th that is most capable of getting a k or 2 to start the inning….Maton would have been my last choice….as soon as I saw him out for the 10th I told my wife it was over.


It was rough, but dumping your wife is kind of extreme. :smiley:


I just re-read would I wrote…… lol :joy:

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He’s been turning the right direction with Tampa Bay, but he still strikes out at an amazingly high rate. He has a ways to go to get back to his 2021 numbers.

Scrubb pitching. Good…might get a call up…dude can chunk when he’s healthy

Rehabbing in Low -A……2 innings total……might want to slow the roll for a call up.

Who’s place would he take? Dusty loves Maton

I would like to see if James is back to throwing a hundy.

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