Monday press conferences

I apologize, @section230rocks looks like they aren’t going to post the postgame press conference this week.

Here’s today’s:

Here’s the AAC telecall:

Here’s the Fritz one:

And the Niumatalolo one:

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Deer in the headlights… all season.


At about 8:45 he talks about how you’ve got to have points when you hit the red zone. I don’t see much difference in that “must have” vs passing on a field goal outside of the red zone like he did.

I believe this has happened twice. This was after two defeats. Correct me if I am wrong.

Listening now:

  • Catalon and Car will be available this weekend, but are banged up
  • Davion and Patrick Carr are the healthiest and will be moved up
  • From a defensive standpoint, not getting Tulane off the field on 3rd downs was the biggest problem
  • Red Zone: 28 potential points and walked away with 10
  • Can’t win games with only 17 points
  • JD asks a question about Novikoff and his making 7 of his last 8 and the kickoffs getting better. With experience, Noikoff has gotten better and really worked hard.
  • Everything has moved up a day because of the game Friday. Little more time Wednesday and Thursday with classes out
  • This game is for the seniors. Mentions that in the meetings, the seniors sit up front. Mentions Dunbar, Bonner, Adams, and M. Oliver. Mentions they’ve had 3 head coaches, 4-5 position coaches.
  • Talk about captains for awhile and how they are selected
  • Prepare for fewer possessions on offense. Says that Notre Dame was snapping for the 38th time at the beginning of the 4th quarter.
  • Have to be disciplined, have to tackle, have to maintain lane assignment. Talks about the play action being the biggest weapon
  • 100% in red zone against ECU and USF; did well against Memphis.
  • You have to have points in the Red Zone, whether it’s 3 or 7, you have to have points
  • JD asks about whether CMA ever had a Baker Mayfield moment. CMA says that there are always things said after every play. Jawing back and forth is normal. Part of being a competitor

CMA Teleconference:

  • Disappointed in Tulane game; didn’t play well at the end of the game after getting the lead on offense or defense
  • Have to get better against the scrambling QB on 3rd down
  • Didn’t come away with enough points in the Red Zone, only 10 points of a potential 28 points
  • Excited to play Navy after Thanksgiving. Guys are excited for the exposure. Ready to honor the seniors
  • The seniors have responded very well through the multiple coaching changes, have done well in the classroom and off-the-field even with inconsistencies
  • 3 of 4 losses have been by a combined 10 points
  • Highly competitive league, especially our side of the division
  • Playing a great opponent this week, tough, hard-nosed. Prideful game because of the seniors.
  • Give Tulane credit, but didn’t play well
  • Ed can only take one guy on in the triple option. Can’t take the entire Navy offense on by himself; requires all 11 guys to stop them.

Fritz Press Conference (Houston portion):

  • Had to overcome a lot of adversity during the ball game
  • Made the plays against a well-coached and talented Houston squad
  • Lot of the seniors played well, mentions WR and QB

Niumatalolo Press Conference:

  • 3 of 4 losses have had ball with chance to go-ahead and couldn’t do it
  • Short week to prepare for Houston. Both teams are looking to get back on track after tough losses
  • Hope to bounce back and play better against Houston
  • Not worried about record, just getting ready for Houston and get better
  • Just trying to win, not worried about dangling stuff on to it for motivation, just trying to win the game. That’s the motivation. Media can add numbers, but the goal is just to win.
  • Houston is always a good football team, always well coached. Major has done a good job in his first year. Always have good players.
  • Focus isn’t long-term, just trying to win this game. Can’t do anything about the past.
  • Team that can bounce back the best will win the game.
  • Played hard against Notre Dame which was encouraging. Had 1 cirtical turnover. In the 100’s for turnover margin which is disheartening as they’re one of the worst. Doing better with penalties, but still had some key ones.
  • Culture has always been discipline. 10 games in, disheartening that we’re still talking about a lack of it.
  • You always have to look at what you’re doing to make sure you’re doing things the correct way. Don’t need overhaul, but there might be some things to tweak to improve. What can you do to help your guys play better.

3 of 4 losses have also been to teams that currently have a losing record

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