More Disappointing - Offense, Defense or Coaches

Guys, guys, it’s obvious the reason for the poor performance is lack of facilities. Just get that new operations complex built and we’ll be undefeated! And more dorms too. And more minorities in the stands.


This was one player stepping up and explaining to another that doing stupid things was not acceptable and was of no benefit to the team. The overall definition of what happened is “Leadership” . . . . .

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It’s the coaches who are responsible.

87th in total offense
120th in total defense

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I was at the game, and stayed until the fat lady sang her song. I took two pictures, both during the initial kick off. The student section, if upper deck is included in student section, looked like less than half of the seats were occupied. The band has been moved to provide more empty seats for students to ignore. The bmd seats were about 30 percent filled, with the upper deck being about 2 to 5 percent occupied. From the view from my memory and from my two photo’s, the attendance was pitiful from the stand point of season home opener and quality opponent. My view is from section 231, row is down low . . . . .


I got some water before kickoff, and on the way back to seat looked down on throngs of students still lined up to get in the gate. Thankful that autocorrect didn’t change throngs to thongs.


Our defense was the most disappointing thing to me.

For some reason, we never learned how to cover an “option keep” the entire game, and that QB on option keepers ended up running all over us.

Why were our DEs biting and crashing so hard on the dive fake, leaving the QB free to take it around the corner for big yardage again and again?


This was an issue and maybr because our secondary was playing so deep. Parish probably thought the RB would run over the mascot if he didn’t stop him.

Not surprised, but looked to me like most of the option runs by the QB went to his right, our left . . . . . First two plays of the game were run to KU’s left and Parish squashed them both. KU pretty much stayed away from their left following those two plays . . . . .

Well this game officially had the most fans in attendance since 2018 so my point stands.

You can be lousy or boring- not both. I live 1700 miles from Houston and I have flown in for games before, but I wouldn’t walk across the street to watch what I saw Saturday for free.

I’m not going to give people crap for not wanting to spend their time watching the garbage we put out Saturday, Too many times there should be more fans, not after that disaster.

The def has been letting us down mostly and we put up enough pts to win. Is it boring, yes but we need more def stops which is the diff.

What game were you at, because I was there early, sat thru the rain, watched the whole game soaking wet, and we were definitely not packed. The announced attendance was 30K, but there were not 30K fans in the stands at any time during that game. But, even if there was, 30K is not packed.


It would be interesting to see concessions sales data…that would give us probably a better idea how many people were in the stadium.

Dude had back to back 4 win seasons and is still here. Levine and Applewhite got fired for going 8-5 twice

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We all know the answer, it’s a coaching issue.

Coaches govern the offensive and defensive strategies. They prepare the team for games.

Coaches recruit the players. They probably know the players better than their own families.

Coaches can energize the fan base.

Coaches are paid professionals.

Great coaching can elevate the talent level of the players, turning a 3* into a 4* talent.

So when the question is which is more disappointing……the O or D or C, it’s obvious.

At least it is to me.

I do believe DH’s acumen is greater than Levine’s but Levine worked his butt off for the record he got. He tried his best but just wasn’t good enough.

Holgorsen does not work hard like that. One wonders how good he could be if he did

It’s the most fans we have had since 2018… but please keep on with your bad take.

And there was alot of fans in the concourses before and during the rain.

People are always more frustrated with underachievers and that is what this team is doing right now because Holgorsen and Co took their foot off the gas. It is one thing to just get beat but to lose due to lack of focus and discipline is plain frustrating because it shows coaching has been lacking.

Heck we could have still lost to Kansas while playing well. They have improved a ton under a good coach in Leipold. But we didn’t play well up to the standards set by the program prior to the season’s start. That is the main problem.

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And the attendance for this game shows that fans were willing to show up to see what they thought was a winning team. In way this is good news as it shows the attendance problem is purely due to a lack of success which in a way is the “easiest” thing to fix. And yes I know winning can still be a big challenge but my point is it’s one of the few problems with a very easy answer.