More on Pac 12 Big 12 movement

Probably never going to happen.

That would be a huge coup for the big 12

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I sure hope it doesn’t happen

USC will NEVER suck up to ut !!


As long as texas is there, the big 12 will remain unstable.


Just as a what if this were to happen, then USC would be sucking up to the likes of UNLV and San Diego in the remnants of their conference

All it takes is one program to say the heck with the PAC 12. USC may not want to suck up to Texas but ASU and UA may not have a problem sucking up to Texas.

But I think it highly unlikely that any PAC 12 program will join the Big 12 voluntarily. Circumstances would have to be really dire for PAC 12 programs to feel the pressure to join the Big 12.

Does Colorado regret moving to the Pac-12 from the Big 12?


Maybe, but if OK and Texas bolt they would be hung out to dry.

Maybe the correct way to think of it is that ut wouldn’t bring themselves to suck up to the superior cali schools

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Well Big12 does own Big16.

The reason Colorado, aTm, Nebraska, and Missou all left the B12, and Arkansas left the SWC, is still there – UT. I don’t think any of those schools want to re-unite with the whorns.


Absolutely true !!

UH should not want to either.


So you don’t think UH wants to make $40M a year rather than $7M and have a chance at a national title if it’s our only choice? I’m sure our administration would have no problem accepting an offer from the B12 even with UT there.


the Arizona schools are relative newcomers and might consider leaving, but the others??? NO WAY…You notice the story written by an Arizona person…nothing but a fantasy wish list…i would LOVE for the Arizona schools to leave…it would spur the PAC to get off their butts and do something…

Re-uniting happens.
Folks who get divorce never think they will re-marry their divorced spouse but it happens all the time and it happens in business too.

That being said. I really don’t care who goes where if it doesn’t directly effect us.

Back in the 70’s I knew a guy, in his late 30’s or early 40’s, that had been married 6 times – including 3 times to the same woman. I asked him if he just liked rice or what?

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I am sure there are many UH fans, supporters, boosters, and alumni who will be dancing on the streets of the Big 12 ever invited UH. Any P5 will be a step up. Big 12 is a step up from PAC and ACC in terms of money, and potential regional rivalries.

Plus lower travel costs would mean UH gets to keep more of its conference windfall to invest in the university. Just ask TCU how being in a conference with UT a worked out for them. Ask SMU whose head coach Sonny Dykes has said he wants to get SMU in the Big 12! Or Memphis and UCF who would give anything to be in the Big 12 even if it means being under UT thumb, small price to pay for the millions in earnings and increased exposure.


USC would make a great addition to the AAC

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Doing it and wanting to do it are 2 different things !!

I’m not worried as it ain’t gonna happen anyway.

By the by, when it was announced in 1970 that SWC was going to graciously admit the UH, I was so pissed that I couldn’t see straight.

I felt we there was a real possibility of joining the SEC. the SEC then was not the same SEC of today.

UT sucked then, suck now and will suck for ever more.