Most Significant Event in Last 100 Years?

I’m starting to think the current events that are happening now may be the most significant thing to
have happened in last 100 years. Of course there
is WWII and the Great Depression too that could be
argued are more significant. But history allows us
to accurately assess the past; the present seems scary and bottomless at this point.

Too bad we can’t even discuss it here. Perhaps
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In my lifetime 9/11 had always been the biggest event. So far Corona seems more imoactful

I think it has less to do with the mods than it does the over sensitive people who flag everything and the couple guys who posted some directly political things multiple times. I don’t know if there is a way to ban a poster just from a specific thread, but that would have helped.

What happened to the death comparison thread? Did somebody post something political? It was pretty much all graphs last I saw. I would think that would be acceptable.

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That’s what I thought. Factual info.

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For me it’s the New Deal. It fundamentally changed the way Americans think about governmental responsibilities.

That’s just sad. 1984 would be proud

Civil Right Movements. Sadly, it still brutally divides our country to this very day.

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Not even close

Interesting ideas there I had not even considered -
New Deal, civil rights. I can see that point of view.

In my life time, I was thinking Vietnam, Moon Landings, and 9/11 as most significant events. I hope this
covid thing does not make the top ten list, but concerned it may become a defining moment.
For last 100 years I’m sticking with Great Depression and WW2 tied for first and Covid at #3

Our major wars have been the most significant events in the countries history starting with the Revolution, Civil War (620K Americans died over slavery), and WWII (405K died stopping the evils of the Nazis and the Empire of Japan).

The Great Depression and the Civil Rights Movements have been very significant across their long journey, but what was put in place with the Constitution originally and evolved over time were used to justify the significant changes that occurred over time through civil rights evolution and the significant poverty for a decade the the level of change that came out of the The Great Depression ranks these two events high.

This Coronavirus event only gets close to ranking up with those if the economic impacts drives us into a decade long economic depression.

Fair to link Civil War with Civil Rights Movement 100 years later ? One lead to the other.

Civil Rights have been around from a country perspective since the founding of the country. The first major contributions to civil rights started with the Declaration of Independence (with “All men are created equal”) to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and you can go from there to present day. It didn’t start with the conclusion of the Civil War, just its next chapter.

Agree with that. But if no vaccine can be developed( isn’t the common cold in the corona virus family tree ?) and we have to forever wear large N95+ type masks when leaving home - that would be weird !

Nobody has mentioned the Spanish Flu pandemic of
1918 oddly enough. I still remember my grandfathers stories of burying most of his family during that time.

Until recently, the vast majority of Americans never heard of the Spanish Flu, if so, how can it rank up there? But the following are estimated projections:

  1. 500 million people were estimated to be infected worldwide.
  2. 50 million died worldwide
  3. 675K Americans died

It has already affected me more than 9/11

We dropped nukes on Japan. And then the Soviets developed them too, and we began stockpiling and testing bigger and bigger bombs. Then the commies moved nukes to Cuba and pointed them at us. Meanwhile we fought a series of proxy wars against them. That had to be a scary time for the average American.

Might want to think about events that change society more so than wars and what have you. Obviously WW II was a massive undertaking that threatened civilization and affected most every American. But after it was over we didn’t really change the way we lived or thought. We did to an extent after 9/11. We did even more so with the invention of the personal computer. It’s changed our lives in very fundamental ways, including how and how often we truly interact with others. I would guess that one day Steve Jobs (even if Steve Wojowhatever did most of the technical stuff) will be kind of like Ford and Edison combined. We’ll see how much the pandemic changes us. It could cause even more change than the New Deal did.

Here is the Encyclopaedia Britannica 25 decade defining events in US history. Although they don’t define “events”, it doesn’t appear that a War for 5 years fits into their definition of “Event”.

Here is Times Magazine 25 “moments” that changed America.

Here is another view of the Top 10 in American History. It mentions the American Revolution and the Civil War which I agree. However, it lists WW II events but not the war as an event.

The major reason I listed WWII is that it turned the tide of world history with a total reschuffling of world power with America at the front of the list and the USSR as its only challenger. The UK power ended and kingdom came to an end during WW II and after. Germany and Japan were destroyed and defeated. America was the only power in WWII that went unscaved and not destroyed. The industrial complex that was built during the war was untouched and ready to go and America leaped significantly forward on all fronts in world leadership post WWII. The American middle class was built and was the envy of the world that has fueled the American economy in our consumer driven markets and until recently is now under great threat.